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This section of the Mohammed Image Archive focuses on cartoons which only ever appeared online, for the most part on blogs, personal Web pages and other non-"mainstream media" sites. Most of them were created digitally on computers (as opposed to being hand-drawn and then later scanned), and were uploaded in the wake of the Jyllands-Posten "cartoon crisis" (i.e. from 2006 to the present).

To see cartoons drawn by professional cartoonists for mainstream media publications, visit the Political Cartoons section.

To see cartoons created as submissions for various competitions, contests, exhibits and "Draw Mohammed" days, visit the "Draw Mohammed" Contests and Exhibits section.

To see depictions of Mohammed that are intentionally outrageous and/or obscene, visit the Extreme Mohammed section.

To see the Danish illustrations which started the controversy and were the original inspiration for the cartoons on this page, visit the Jyllands-Posten Cartoons section.

The cartoons on this page are by independent artists, ranging from the highly experienced to the self-taught, who fashioned their own satirical portraits of Mohammed as a statement about freedom of speech, and who posted them online individually.

This cartoon by J.J. McCullough highlights the hypocrisy of the Islamic response to the "Danish cartoon crisis." He originally posted it in 2006 on his "Filibuster" site, but it is now hosted on his personal web page.
(Thanks to: Ole and Benjamin.)

The Humanist site "Freethunk" featured this cartoon of Mohammed declaring his own reflection to be blasphemous; the page also features a few other Mohammed cartoons and clip-art images.

When the Taliban offered a reward to anyone who killed cartoonists who drew Mohammed, "Normal Bob Smith" created this interpretation of someone taking advantage of their offer.
(Thanks to: Fenris.)

This Russian cartoon, titled "Pigs of War," shows Mohammed holding a banner that says at top (in Russian) "Islam = Peace", and then in smaller letters, "(for the world's public opinion)" -- while leading a herd of pigs labeled "Al Qaeda," "Hamas," "Hezbollah," etc. Mohammd is telling them "Attack, my children, attack!" The caption in the upper left corner says "Two-faced Mohammed. "
(Thanks to: Nikki N. and Greg.)

"Muhammad and Sam," a drawing by artist Andrew Lavin, appeared on the Real Politiks blog in February, 2008 (site requires registration to view). This is an extremely rare example of a satire that simultaneously critiques both Islam and the United States: Mohammed has in his turban a nuclear bomb, while Uncle Sam has in his hat a barrel of oil (referencing the conspircy theory that the United States went to war in the Middle East after 9/11 to seize the region's oil assets).
(Thanks to: Fenris.)

"Storm P" was a beloved Danish cartoonist famous for drawing hobos. His most well-known work was a classic Tuborg beer ad in which one hobo asks the other, "Hey Perikles -- can you tell me -- when does a Tuborg taste the best?" to which the second hobo replies, "Every time!" In 2015, the Storm P Museum held an exhibition of work by other cartoonists called "Humor Without Borders," which was to explore the limits of satire. But even so, the exhibit's curators forbade any depictions of Mohammed. In protest, Danish cartoonist Niels Thomsen created this satire of the Storm P Tuborg beer ad in which the hobo asks Mohammed, "Hey Muhammed -- can you tell me -- when does a Tuborg taste the best?", to which Mohammd angrily replies, "NEVER!!" Behind them is graffiti saying "Sharia Zone -- No Alcohol!" while the Cafe Heimdal, a popular bar in Copenhagen that has been frequently harassed by "Sharia patrols," has been vandalized. Because of the museum's "No Mohammed" rule, this cartoon was not submitted nor included in the exhibit.
(Thanks to: Martin H.)

A cartoon posted on the HerbeDeProvence site mocks Mohammed as a failed stand-up comedian. The title reads, "Mohammed, an Unjustly Ignored Comedian"; Mohammed, arms crossed, recites a quote attributed to him in Islamic scripture, "Any Jew who falls under your hand, kill him," while a heckler yells, "You're an idiot, Momo!" Beneath the drawing is a citation of the exact quote traditionally ascribed to Mohammed.

This variation on the turban-bomb Mohammed appeared on the ISLAM & Graphic blog in 2009, and is a commentary on the Koranic commandment that it is allowable to enslave and then rape women during wartime. The text reads (in Norwegian), "Married women taken as prisoners during jihad can be used by you."
(Thanks to: Francesca C.)

"Married to Children," a parody of the TV sitcom "Married with Children," lampoons Mohammed's marriage to the 6-year-old Aisha. It circulated extensively on the Web in the months after the 2006 cartoon crisis. It can still be found at various places online, such as the Uncyclopedia.

Someone made a Mohammed version of the "Mr. Bill" claymation character from Saturday Night Live, called "Mr. Billhammad."

This black-light painting of a kitschy evil Elvis-Mohammed was created by the team at the now-defunct site "Velvet Prophet." Images with the watermark (as seen here) were posted online, while the original image without the watermark was only available to those who purchased t-shirts or posters from the now-vanished site.
(Thanks to: Killgore Trout.)

"Mohammad -- Seconds before his destruction," is the title of this anonymous allegorical montage, which depicts Fate or God judging Mohammed on the Scales of Justice and finding him outweighed by Peace. It was originally posted at the now-defunct "muhammad-cartoon" site.

This unusual complimentary portrait of Mohammed compares him with Miss Liberty as a political liberator against tyrants. It was posted by American liberal blogger Frank Warner in 2006, explaining that "For most Muslims, freedom and Islam are not contradictions," and "Freedom and religion can be partners against oppression" -- but, ironically, he deleted the image from the post after either complaints or threats.
(Thanks to: Martin.)

Dutch artist Gregorius Nekschot created this Mohammed cartoon (one of many by Nekschot) with several layers of multilingual puns and satire.

"Trollface" or "coolface" is a pop-culture meme of a smiling Internet "troll" first posted in 2008. This variant, showing a trollface Mohammed, was posted on the "something completely different" tumblr feed in 2010, captioned "Muhammad puts on his cool face."
(Thanks to: John B.)

This Mohammed, submitted to the Archive by "Andre D.", has him not only wearing a bomb as a turban but also holding two additional bombs in his hands.

This Mohammed, also submitted by Andre D., depicts him with an ancient Assyrian-style beard.

The "God for Dummies" blog posted this cartoon in 2007.

The same post at "God for Dummies" also featured this drawing of a goblin-like Mohammed.

This digital cartoon shows Mohammed in Paradise pleading with Allah to send Danes to Hell. It was posted at the now-defunct site.

A series of 12 rudimentary Mohammed sketches by an artist named "Willis" accompanied a satirical interview with Mohammed in a pdf document entitled "Cartoon Bob Interviews the Prophet!" which circulated on the Web in 2006 after the Danish cartoon furor. This sample image is taken from the document; the other 11 sketches are very similar.

A Mohammed quoting nonviolent passages from the Qu'ran confuses some terrorists in this 2006 cartoon published at the "frottage" blog.

In 2006, Normal Bob Smith (who also drew the "Sheeples" at the top of this page) made a series of three multi-panel cartoons featuring Jesus warning the artist not to draw Mohammed. The second cartoon is displayed above and has three depictions of Mohammed; the first one has one depiction, while the third and final one depicts Mohammed beheading Jesus. Normal Bob Smith has also drawn a few other cartoons of Mohammed, such as this one showing a Muslim praying to Mohammed among worshippers from other religions.

This cartoon was created by "isiscat1991" who uploaded it here and submitted it to the Archive with the following message: "Thanks for collecting all these pictures in one place. As a muslim myself I found it quite fascinating and feel ashamed that Muslims get so upset over something that isn't really explicitly forbidden. A few years back I drew my own picture in protest."

This drawing of Jesus calling a bomb-throwing Mohammed a "terrorist" was submitted to the Archive by an artist who wishes to remain anonymous. The artist's signature has been removed, as requested, from the original drawing.

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