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This section of the Mohammed Image Archive is reserved for the most extreme, irreverent and iconoclastic images of Mohammed, most of which were created in the aftermath of the February 2006 cartoon jihad.

The artists represented here have expressed their mockery of and disdain for the Muslim world's violent reaction to the original innocuous Danish cartoons by making new Mohammed depictions that are intentionally disrespectful and/or obscene, to make the point that freedom of speech in Western societies is unconditional.

***WARNING***: If you are easily offended, or do not want to see disrespectful images of Mohammed, you should stop reading here.

The Crybaby Mohammed.
(Thanks to: Buck.)

"Muhammad's Roar," a drawing by artist Nicolas P., shows Mohammed suffering the torments of hellfire.

This deceptive landscape appears to show Mohammed in the desert having visions of the erotic Islamic afterlife -- but the desert is a woman's body, the crescent moon is her belly-button, his turban is her pubic hair, and he's emerging from her vagina. A full-size version of the drawing can be downloaded here.

The Study of Revenge blog featured this uncompromising image by D. T. Devareaux.
(Thanks to: JHW.)

The Israeli magazine Nana published this picture showing the aftermath of a four-way orgy involving Jesus, Mohammed, Moses and Buddha.

The American satirical magazine The Onion published a similar cartoon in 2012 without Mohammed, under the headline "No One Murdered Because Of This Image," accompanied by an article that said, "Following the publication of the image above, in which the most cherished figures from multiple religious faiths were depicted engaging in a lascivious sex act of considerable depravity, no one was murdered, beaten, or had their lives threatened, sources reported Thursday. The image of the Hebrew prophet Moses high-fiving Jesus Christ as both are having their erect penises vigorously masturbated by Ganesha, all while the Hindu deity anally penetrates Buddha with his fist, reportedly went online at 6:45 p.m. EDT, after which not a single bomb threat was made against the organization responsible, nor did the person who created the cartoon go home fearing for his life in any way." Although the image doesn't actually depict Mohammed, the concept of Mohammed is "present" in the image in absentia.
(Thanks to: Jesse J.)

Daisy-chain anal sex with a demonic Allah, Mohammed, and a Muslim sheep.
(Thanks to:

The description of this Mohammed portrait available on eBay speaks for itself: "The most controversial art you will ever see. Create your very own intifada with this! Pages taken from the Koran decoupaged on a wooden plaque with a picture of Mohammed eating a bacon sandwich! Topping it off are several dog droppings affixed to the pages, one of them forms Mohammed's turban." Yes, that's right -- Mohammed's turban in this picture is made out of dog doo. If this item is removed from eBay, you can also see it here on the "Crazy eBay" blog.
(Thanks to: father_of_10.)

Mohammed ejaculating intolerance.
(Thanks to:

A Reddit user created this image of Mohammed drinking his own diarrhea. Although the Reddit thread is no longer online, the image itself can still be found here on IMGur.
(Thanks to: Andrew M.)

This new painting by the artist "Lio" envisions the "Real and authentic portrait of Mohammed" with his turban as the nude rear end of one woman and his face as the naked body of another.

An artwork entitled "The Erotic Adventures of Jesus and Muhammad" was uploaded to Facebook in 2012 during a dispute in the nation of Greece over the nature of blasphemy and free speech. The piece, which was subsequently taken offline, depicts Jesus and Mohammed French-kissing. It is not known who the artist is or where the work first appeared.
(Thanks to: David.)

Mohammed's Breakfast of Blasphemy, by Aaron.
(Thanks to: Fatwa This.)

Mohammed in Hell with Allah.
(Thanks to: Politically Incorrect Lib.)

"Wife Swap," by Malcolm Douglas (2010), depicts Jesus and Mohammed trading wives: Jesus gets Khadijah and Aisha (two of Mohammed's wives) while Mohammed gets two sexy nuns (in Christian tradition, nuns are considered "married" to Jesus). The two prophets high-five each other, while Jesus holds the Holy Grail and Mohammed hides his penis with a stick of dynamite.

In this original version of the online game "Dress Up Muhammad the Prophet" you could place any number of humiliating costumes on a paper-doll Mohammed as he flies his donkey up to heaven. Here are just two among the hundreds of possibilities, created by artist Normal Bob Smith. This version is no longer online and in 2015 was replaced by the updated version below.
(Thanks to: Patrik N.)

The new version of the game, now called "Prophet Mohammed Dressup!", features a full-body Mohammed and many more costumes, but is somewhat less humiliating in its options. The concept of Mohammed Dressup is based on the old children's game Colorforms, which similarly allows kids to affix different costumes onto an underlying basic figure.
(Thanks to: Raafat.)

Below are four completed variants of Prophet Mohammed Dressup!, among the many thousand different combinations that users can assemble:

The Sick and Wrong blog showed Mohammed as a cross-dressing woman with an odd gynecological problem.

"Preparation M" is the name of this piece by Attack cartoons, showing Mohammed as a porcine suppository.
(Thanks to: The Space Pope.)

Mohammed copulating with a pig.
(Thanks to:

This window sticker shows Mohammed on all fours with his penis visible.

The "Icon of Death" features a stylized schematic figure of Mohammed.

Mohammed with his six-year-old bride Aisha (from the Hindu Unity site).
(Thanks to: foreign devil and Nordish portal.)

Another scene of Mohammed and Aisha, courtesy of
(Thanks to: Ruth.)

Mohammed and Aisha once again, found here.
(Thanks to: Politically Incorrect Lib.)

Yet more Mohammed and Aisha, from a site that has since been knocked offline.
(Thanks to: Michael K.)

This satirical caricature showing Mohammed as a nude suicide bomber, with his six-year-old bride Aisha on the right, originally appeared at the Czech Web site "Mediaoislamu," but the cartoon (along with a second one showing Mohammed as a pig) seems to have since been taken offline, and is now only preserved here at the Archive.

Mohammed is identified as a man about to suck a penis.
(Thanks to: therealmuhammad.)

Mohammed is shown breastfeeding a pig in this entry from the "Have You Seen This Man?" video contest. You can actually watch a video of the artist applying the finishing touches to this drawing.
(Thanks to: 1rishShaman.)

Mohammed beheading a Jew.

Bob The Angry Flower suggests a technological update to the "bomb-in-a-turban" concept.
(Thanks to: Erik.)

The Strand, a student newspaper at the university of Toronto, created a stir when it ran this cartoon of Jesus and Mohammed kissing in the "Tunnel of Tolerance."
(Thanks to: Michael L. and Martin.)

The "ACOG Jesus" is shown here shooting Mohammed in the face with a modern assault weapon. The original comes from the ACOG Jesus blog and can also be downloaded from Photobucket.
(Thanks to: operator1.)

The Caned in Totnes blog featured this cartoon of Mohammed performing oral sex on a crucified Jesus, with the caption, "In the interest of fairness, here is a cartoon to offend both Christians and Muslims. Do you think the Danish press will print it?"

This drawing speculates on the etymology of the term "Allahu Ackbar!".

An unknown artist created this image, entitled "Muhammad the Dickhead," depicting Mohammed as having a head composed entirely of male genitalia.
(Thamks to: Louis K.)

This Belgian cartoon shows Mohammed's buttocks.

"Mohammad's decapitation by Allah" is the title of this grotesquery, a parody of Basil Wolverton's "Lena the Hyena" character.
(Thanks to: Robert P.)

Nicolas P. created this portrait of an angry Mohammed bent on violence.

George M. in Australia envisioned Mohammed giving birth to Islam "in protest of recent events around the world."
(Thanks to: Kan.)

This crude Photoshop visualizes Mohammed creating the Koran.

The "God for Dummies" blog features these two drawings of Mohammed, both of which are based on actual Muslim folk beliefs: that Mohammed's spit has magical curative properties (the first picture shows Mohammed spitting into a boy's mouth), and that the earth would open up to accept his holy bowel movements (shown in the second picture).

This grotesque imagining of a pig-headed Mohammed on the toilet surrounded by rats was created by Dutch artist Piet Klont in 2013. Details include his penis being labelled "Halalworst," which means "halal sausage," a Koran on his lap with a swastika on the cover, toilet paper composed of Islamic scriptures, a rat nauseated by Mohammed's stink, and other rats who have already died just from smelling him.
(Thanks to: Dirk K.)

This drawing of Mohammed with a swastika on his head and vampire fangs, accompanied by Achmed the Dead Terrorist (a ventriloquist's dummy used by comedian Jeff Dunham) and a feminized Osama bin Laden, was intended to be used as a t-shirt design, but it is not known if the shirts were ever produced.
(Thanks to: Gary.)

The WikiIslam video page features two satirical videos both containing some of the anti-Mohammed cartoons seen on this page, including this cartoon of the Devil giving Mohammed the Qur'an in exchange for his soul.
(Thanks to: Raafat.)

This notorious cartoon by Dutch artist Gregorius Nekschot shows "Mohammed" deflowering "Aisha" -- both depicted as middle-aged Russian peasants. The doll is saying, "The highlight of the Children's Koran: the deflowering of the 9-year-old Aisha by the Prophet Mohammed."

This poster showing a naked Mohammed holding hands with a naked Aisha says in Swedish: "Mohammed with his wife -- He 53, she 9 -- Love has many faces." "RFSL" at the bottom is the logo for a Swedish queer rights organization. The poster, which was apparently found affixed to walls in Malmö, Sweden, and which was uploaded online here, has been attributed to controversial Swedish "street artist" and political provocateur Dan Park, and almost certainly has nothing to do with RSFL, whose logo was affixed to the bottom in order to discredit them. However, Dan Park generally disavows and refuses to claim authorship for most of the controversial works attributed to him, so it is unknown whether the poster was created by him or by someone else.

These animated gifs of Dancin' Mo were created by blogger "Yolanda."

Links to additional extreme images:

This authentic-looking parody of a Lego set shows Mohammed having sex. On October 12, 2006, Danish media reported that the Lego company had filed an official police complaint about this image. The original Lego scene was created for the Brick Testament and was not a depiction of Mohammed (thanks to: and jkwest.); some unknown parodist took that Biblical image and incorporated it into a satirical Islam-themed Lego box.

Copying the Koran on a blasphemer's computer.
The "Eating Mohammed" YouTube video shows a group of blamphemous satirists eating a cookie shaped like Mohammed's head.
Target-practice Mohammed by anonymous.
This Nekschot cartoon shows not Mohammed but Allah as being rather under-endowed compared to his fellow deities. The caption says, "Unfortunately for God and Allah, Ganesh exists as well."
Mock photo essay of a mob faux pas on Mohammed's cleaning day.
Mohammed splitting the moon (as described in the Koran).
CrazyJ32 has created a variety of animated exploding Mohammed-head gifs to choose from.

Mohammed Satire Collections: has many Mohammed satires.
Mo Parody's Mohammed Pics page has several Mohammed images not included here.
The Infidel Bloggers Alliance Mohammed Cartoon Contest is sponsoring a variety of cartoon and humor contests about Mohammed.
Pictures of Mohammed has a few Mohammed satires.

Defunct Links:
These are links to additional Mohammed images contained on sites that (as of this writing) have been taken down by Islamic hackers. I'm leaving the links here in case the sites ever come back online. featured an extensive compilation of extreme parodies. had dozens of outrageous Mohammed parodies. -- once used to be a satire of "the official Web site of Mohammed" -- but apparently Islamic groups in England successfully pressured the hosting company to not only remove the site, but actually to hand over the domain to Muslim religious activists.
Mohammed giving Jesus a blowjob.
Mohammed humping a camel, by Patriotic Kiwi.
Mohammed getting humped by a camel.
Mohammad "Wanted" poster.
Mohammed miraculously appears on a pig's testicle.
Mohammed picking his nose.
Mohammad Search Engine.
Mohammed on the cover of Out magazine.
Married to Children.

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