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KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN (AP) — All financial problems worldwide were solved yesterday when a hobo from Kandahar found $723 trillion in a ditch.

“I was just looking for a shady place to lie down,” the unemployed vagabond said through a translator. “I prefer ditches, when I can find them. This seemed more comfortable than the average ditch, but then I realized, ‘Hey, I’m lying on money.’”

The hobo, who goes by the single name Abdul, hasn’t yet decided what he wants to do with the money. “They tell me there’s enough here to pay off all national debts, provide free health care for everyone in the world, to end starvation and eliminate class differences around the globe,” Abdul said. “But then where am I going to sleep?”

Upon hearing news of the discovery, Alan Greenspan, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, said, “Well, looks like I wasted my entire life. Sixty years of studying economics and enforcing monetary policy for nothing. I could have been partying the whole time.”

The Obama Meme: Chapter 3 — Obamarxism

Submitted by eagle-eyed zomblog reader “C”:

C writes: “This image is from the financial district in San Francisco, corner of California/Front.

Is the tagger pro or anti marxism? Since it’s San Francisco, I’m not sure how to interpret it.”

Code Pink Photo Dump

Code Pink has been protesting in front of the Marine Corps Officer Recruitment Office in Berkeley for a solid year now. On rare occasion other groups will join them and they’ll combine to make a somewhat larger protest that will make the evening news — but in actuality Code Pink has tried to maintain a presence in front of the office every single day. Most of these day-by-day micro-protests go completely unnoticed by the media (and the public), but Code Pink is doing their best to keep the pressure on continuously (though on some days they can’t seem to muster even one protester).

Anyway, over the past year, I’ve had occasion to pass through downtown Berkeley quite a number of times, and whenever I did, I tried to snap a picture or two of whatever’s happening in front of the recruiting office. Most of the time these daily protests fell far beneath the threshold of something that would merit a full zombietime report. And so the pictures were filed away and forgotten.

Until now.

This posting will be nothing more than a melange of random snapshots of the ongoing Code Pink protests over the last several months, in no particular order, and with no particular narrative. Just a “photo dump,” as the expression goes. If you have a need for an as-yet unseen photo in your coverage of Code Pink or Berkeley or whatever, feel free to use any of these.

The message on the back of the Code Pink truck slowly evolves over time in a way that is only noticeable if you have a series of pictures extending across several months. This is what it said early in 2008…

…and this is what it said months later. Or is is the other way around?

I just can’t get enough of these hilarious Code Pink Mercedes Benz logos. To this day I can’t understand how a “peace group” can have trouble making a peace sign. Even more mystifiying: Most of the women in Code Pink have been “peace” protesters for their entire adult lives (even long before they joined Code Pink), and yet after all that time they still can’t consistently get it right.

Oh, that’s rich! How clever!

To celebrate Mother’s Day (or something along those lines), Code Pink baked a bunch of pink man-shaped sugar cookies and displayed them on a pink camouflage tarp in front of the office. The broken cookies, according to Zanne Joi, represented dead and injured soldiers.

Whenever a video camera hove into view, someone would inevitably march back and back wearing an “Impeach” sign.

Sometime in 2008 Code Pink decided to jump on the Global Warming bandwagon by declaring that “War Is Not Green!”

They used their oh-so-“green” gas-guzzling flatbed truck to stage a week-long campover directly in front of the office. Needless to say, the police were none too pleased.

At one point Code Pink had exhibited a long piece of butcher paper on which someone(s) had written an interminable rant. This is just a small section of it.

The Obama Meme: Chapter 2 — The Obamobile

Presenting the Obamobile:

I’ve spotted this car driving all over the Bay Area, but was never able to snap a decent picture of it until now.

Berkeley is so pretentious…

…that even the dogs walk around with baguettes.

New at zombietime: the 2008 Up Your Alley Fair

On July 27, 2008, I went to the notorious “Up Your Alley” Fair in San Francisco as an investigative follow-up to last year’s report about the scandal over the Miller Beer sponsorship of the Folsom Street Fair. Since Up Your Alley is run by the same organization, I stopped by to see if anything had changed. You can see the results posted at zombietime here, if you dare:

Up Your Alley Fair 2008.

The picture shown above was about the only non-explicit image I could find to post here at zomblog.