This is NOT a picture of me. Nor is it a picture by me. It’s actually a real picture of a protester at a “zombie walk” in Seattle taken by fellow citizen journalist Byron Dazey. I just thought it was so appropriate for zomblog that I’m inaugurating Mr. “I’m Pro-Zombie and I Vote” here as the new zomblog mascot! I’m also sticking a miniature version of him permanently over in the sidebar. (Temporarily permanently, at least.)

I have no idea yet for what purpose I’ll ever use this photo (other than posting it here), but perhaps one day it will be exactly what I need. Until then: if anyone else has a reason to download and use this photo (or the mini version to the right), go right ahead (and credit should go to “Byron Dazey,” not me).

Welcome to our new mascot!

And a question for everyone to ponder: Are you pro-zombie, and do you vote?