Up Your Alley 2008


Please Read Carefully

You are about to view the zombietime report about the 2008 Up Your Alley Fair in San Francisco.

This report contains photographs and descriptions of extreme sexual behavior performed in public that some viewers may find disturbing.

Two versions of this report have been made available:

The "full" version of the report contains the complete, unedited and uncensored photographs.

The "blurred" version of the report contains photographs that have been partially blurred to obscure the more explicit components of each image.

Note that the captions remain exactly the same in both versions, and that this text is also somewhat explicit, since it describes the action in the photographs.

Take a moment to decide which version you would like to view. Please be aware that when we say "explicit" and "extreme," we are not exaggerating.

Choose one of the following options:

Click HERE to view the FULL uncensored version.

Click HERE to view the BLURRED censored version.

Click HERE to view NEITHER version of the report and return to the main zombietime page.