Q. What is zomblog?
A. zomblog is the blog associated with the site zombietime.

Q. How are zomblog posts different from zombietime reports?
A. zomblog posts are either single photos, or short reports on small events, generally of a political nature. zombietime reports are usually much larger and feature dozens of photos. Basically, if I photograph an event which I later feel doesn’t merit a full zombietime report because it was too small or because I only got a handful of photos, then it will end up at zomblog. On a day-by-day basis, zomblog will be the place where I post unique photos that aren’t part of a larger story.

Q. Will zomblog be like other blogs, in which you will discuss and post links to articles about current events?
A. No. There are already plenty of blogs that analyze the day’s news. zomblog will consist exclusively of “original content” — photos (and accompanying newsworthy observations) that originated with me.

Q. Who are you?
A. My identity is not important. I choose to remain anonymous.

Q. Why doesn’t zomblog have this or that standard blog-feature that everybody else has (rss feeds, category tags, a blogroll, advertisements, etc.)?
A. Two possible reasons. Firstly, I’m not very tech-savvy, and if some feature requires specialty knowledge to implement, then I’ll probably shy away from it. And secondly, I purposely choose to keep zomblog minimalistic, so I will try to cut down on any extraneous features. As with the main zombietime site, what’s important is the content, not the design, so I don’t want to distract from the pictures with a lot of bells and whistles.

Q. How frequently will you make posts?
A. Not very often. zomblog is not the kind of site that keeps on top of current events on a daily basis, but rather just a place for people to comment on zombietime posts or for me to post smaller reports and essays, on an occasional basis.