Iraq War Fifth Anniversary Protest

San Francisco, March 19, 2008

To mark the fifth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, activists staged a variety of protests, marches and "direct actions" around San Francisco on March 19, 2008. Click on the following sections to see the all the pictures from the protests, arranged by theme (each of the sections covers just one small aspect of the day's activities). You can start at the first section and click through them all one by one -- or simply click on just those sections that strike you as the most interesting. For a brief overview, scroll down on this page to see a sampling of scenes from the rally, with a few representative (captionless) photos from each section.

Eccentric Is the New Normal
Gallery of typical San Franciscans

Irreconcilable Indifference
People blissfully unaware of their own self-contradicting inconsistencies and hypocrisy

Furries and Puppets and Grannies, Oh My!
Politics -- or just an excuse to play dress-up?

Commie Can You Hear Me?
Memo to communists: ain't gonna happen

Wingnut Redneck Knuckledraggers
Also known as counter-protesters

Occupation: Downtown
The "Die-In" and other pointless antics on Market Street

Direct Inaction
Fizzled "direct actions" that failed to shut down the Financial District

Arabian Nights Costume Party
People looking for a masquerade ball wander into the protest

Obama was the only candidate even mentioned at the rally

Berkeley Rethinks Mao
Tibetans put World Can't Wait to shame

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