Iraq War Fifth Anniversary Protest, San Francisco, March 19, 2008

Furries and Puppets and Grannies, Oh My!

Is this rally a solemn argument against war -- or just a ridiculous excuse to play silly dress-up games and be an exhibitionist?

You decide.

Hello! I'm a puppy! War is bad! Take me seriously!

I wasn't aware until now that dinosaurs (alligators? Dragons?) had fur.

"Sea lions, not CIA lies," says his sign. The attempt at rhyme is bad enough, but c'mon -- that's supposed to be a sea lion furry? Pathetic. You'll never bring about world peace with that sorry excuse for a costume!

(Photo courtesy of ProtestShooter)
Now here's a furry worthy of the name. No half-measures -- the whole gorilla. The neocon warmongers don't stand a chance against this kind of logic!

What? You took off your head? Nooooooo -- the illusion is shattered! Where is the dedication? Where is the sacrifice?

War is a nuber 1 sin.

Well, if you say so. But remind me again -- what's happening in 2012 that I need saving from?

That's the most convincing chihuahua furry I've ever seen! But how in the world did you fit into such a small costume?

We can't stay with the furries forever. Moving right along, it's time for some giant-headed Palestinian widow puppets!


OK, that's it for puppets. They creep me out too much. Next up it's -- grannies! In particular...

The Raging Grannies! Possibly the most annoying protest group of the 21st century!

This picture sums up why I hate the Raging Grannies so much. Look at that smug smile. She can't suppress it, even though she's pretending to "mourn" for the dead. These women think by dressing up in old-timey granny outfits they somehow magically earn our deference and respect. Who can hate an old granny? The hat, the gloves: through these devices, she inherits all the dignity and nobility of a real turn-of-the-century matron! Look at me, I am dabbing my eyes in grief with my dainty hanky! Aren't I harmless? I am so sad! Please ignore the self-satisfied grin!

Why, hello there. I'm an actual old granny, unlike those phony Raging Grannies. Aren't I just adorable?

Here is my sign. I hate Jews. I draw swastikas on Jew helmets and hand out anti-Semitic tracts. Do you like my sign?

Hello little Muslim girls. I think you'd like my flyers. They have ever-so-many conspiracy stories about how those nasty Jews control the world.

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