Spotted on a car in Berkeley:

As noted in my earlier Concourse of Hypocrisy photo essay, vehicles in the San Francisco Bay Area are often adorned with bumper stickers which display an astonishing degree of hypocrisy. This latest example takes the concept to the next level, dispensing with any details or political justifications for the pronouncement, with the owner simply declaring “Fuck Cars” — on his or her own car.

If you think this surely must be satire, think again: Such heights of hypocrisy are par for the course in the Bay Area, where rich people living in lavish comfort campaign for communism, where white college students demand that white students not be admitted to college, where Climate Change activists jet around the world to lecture everyone else about their carbon footprints, where limousine liberals advocate for a higher minimum wage while simultaneously hiring illegal immigrants at sub-minimum wage rates to tend their gardens; and so on.

Mere normal-intensity hypocrisy requires some kind of self-awareness; the standard hypocrite knows on some level that he is not living up to the rules he imposes on everyone else.

But to display the kind of hyper-hypocrisy commonly seen among leftists, you must necessarily also be completely oblivious to the fact that you’re a hypocrite at all, unaware of how you appear to others. No sane person would use their hypocrisy to virtue-signal their moral superiority; you’d have to lack any kind of self-awareness to go around bragging that you’re a hypocrite.

Unfortunately, there is no word in English that combines the meanings for “oblivious” and “hypocritical.” Which is a shame, because this word would be the signature identifying trait of the modern left.


Perhaps the owner intended the bumper sticker to be interpreted literally, as in this photo: