San Francisco Anti-War Rally on September 24, 2005

These photos were taken by zombie at the anti-war rally in San Francisco on Saturday, September 24, 2005.

Most of the images speak for themselves; only some have captions, where necessary. Click on each category below:

The Portrait Gallery: images of individual protesters and their messages

The Reality-Based Community: it depends on what you mean by "reality"

Down With Literacy!: boo-boos and blunders on display

Bush Derangement Syndrome: a San Francisco epidemic

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs: words of protest

Scenes From a Rally: miscellaneous pictures

Queers for Palestine: a study in cognitive dissonance

Communists: comrades, arise!

The Lone Ranger Fan Club: cover your face for freedom!

Anti-Idiotarians: well, a few of them at least

Anatomy of a Photograph: an eye-opening analysis of subtle media bias

The Love Parade: gratuitous sexy pictures to lure in the unsuspecting

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