Not everyone at the rally suffered from Bush Derangement Syndrome. There was a handful -- yes, a very tiny handful -- of "anti-idiotarians" there as well. "Anti-idiotarians" is a term that generally refers to one-time liberals who used to vote Democratic, but whose foreign policy views were changed by 9/11. Anti-idiotarians aren't actually that different from early '60s-era Democrats, but they were driven away from the Left by the demented extremism they saw developing as a backlash against Bush and the War on Terror. What really sets anti-idiotarians apart from their former colleagues is that they include Islamic extremism among the forms of fascism that threaten traditional liberal values.

Needless to say, such views are not popular at rallies like these. I have no idea what the personal political beliefs were of the two guys in the following photos, but it must have taken some nerve to display their messages in this environment.

This guy probably hates Bush too, but at least he's balanced his opinion of Baptists with the other half of his message.

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