Photo Search

Are you looking for a particular zombietime photo? Don't know how to search for it?

Well, it might not be easy. None of the individual photos on zombietime have "tags" which identify them. As a result, they are not searchable by name, category or type. Nor do I have a search engine built into zombietime. The most straightforward way to find a particular photo is to simply browse through the list of reports on the front page, identify which ones seem most likely to contain the image in question, and then scan each report to see if it features the photo you're looking for.

Also, many of the most popular photos have been compiled into the zombietime Hall of Shame page, and it is recommended that you start there in any search. Odds are you'll find the photo you're looking for.

If neither of those methods are successful, the following list of the most-requested photos (and types of photos) has been provided to help visitors find the ones they're seeking, in lieu of an actual search engine:

The anti-Semitic "Jew-devil" sign appears in the February 16, 2003 Anti-War Rally report.

"Fauxtographs" and other faked news images can be found in The Reuters Photo Scandal: A Taxonomy of Fraud report.

"Inflated Scrotum Man" can be found on the Anarchist Bookfair 2005 page.

Unflattering pictures of Hillary Clinton can be found in the Really Truly Hillary Gallery.

Historical and satirical depictions of Mohammed can be found in the Mohammed Image Archive.

Photos of gas-guzzling cars sporting hypocritical bumper stickers about oil usage and environmentalism can be found in The Concourse of Hypocrisy.

Topless photos of activist Sherry Glaser can be found in the Breasts Not Bombs report.

Photos of the Molotov cocktail striking the San Francisco Chronicle building are on page 3 of the report about the World Can't Wait rally on November 2, 2005.

Various photographs of a damaged Red Cross ambulance in Lebanon during the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah conflict are on the "Red Cross Ambulance Incident" page.

The series of pictures showing a young girl protester being stage-managed by communist organizers can be found in the Anatomy of a Photograph essay.

Photos of nude protesters hanging from trees are in the Nude Protest at Memorial Oak Grove report.

The "I Want You to Die for Israel" guy can be found in several reports, including the "Free to Be Me" section of the October 27, 2007 San Francisco Anti-War Rally, the Protest at the AIPAC dinner, and the protest at the Daniel Pipes lecture.

The "Smash the Jewish State" guy can be found in the "International Day of Emergency Protest" report.

Various photographs of public sexual activity can be found in the Folsom Street Fair report.

The video of Palestinian activist Hatem Bazian calling for an "Intifada in America" can be found on the "movies" page of the "Insurgence Solidarity March" report from April 10, 2004.

The "Organ Thieves" anti-Semitic sign photo is in the report about the Bus 19 Anti-Terrorism rally in Berkeley.

Photographs and videos of confrontations between pro-Palestinian and pro-Israel protesters can be found in the various pages listed in the "Israel/Palestine-themed reports" sidebar category (near the bottom of the right-hand sidebar on the main page).

Photos of "pro-choice" and "pro-life" abortion protesters facing off are in the "Walk for Life" report.

The "bearded lady" protester can be found in the Breasts Not Bombs report.

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