San Francisco Anti-War Rally, October 27, 2007

Free to Be Me

Individualists and iconoclasts

Not everyone at the rally was part of a group, or had an opinion shared by anyone else. This page celebrates these unique nonconformists.

I was wondering when the hell this guy was gonna show up. No protest is complete without him!

Notice the flyers in his hand in the previous photo? He has was handing them out to everyone he could. This is what they looked like. As you can plainly see, he's a raving anti-Semite. No one seemed to mind.

The laziest anarchist in the room. [UPDATE: zombietime reader "mikalm" points out that this is actually a picture of notorious arsonist Paul Addis, who in August prematurely ignited the "burning man" effigy at this year's Burning Man festival, and who tried to burn down San Francisco's Grace Cathedral the day after this photo was taken. More info here. To confirm that this is indeed Paul Addis, look at this magnified version of the photo above, and compare the tattoos on both of his arms to the tattoos on Addis's arms visible in photos on this page; you'll see they match exactly.]

I have never seen such an effective way to protest for peace!

What exactly is her point? That we should crush the Taliban and Al Qaeda ("theocracy") and replace them with democracy? Wouldn't that make her pro-war? Or is she implying that America is the theocracy, and that we have no democracy here? If so, then how is she allowed to display this sign in the first place? Or is she just a fan of Mercedes-Benz?

And nothing makes up for a feeble sense of humor like a juvenile and vindictive insult!

Of all the bizarre messages at the rally, Cindy Sheehan chose to autograph this one.

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