San Francisco Anti-War Rally, October 27, 2007

The Al-Aqsa Kaffiyeh Brigade

A militant fashion statement

Aside from pants, shirts and shoes, the most common article of clothing at the rally was the kaffiyeh, the Palestinian scarf that is the symbol of the "intifada" and of anti-Israel sentiment. This page features just a very small sampling of the thousands of kaffiyehs visible that day. It seems to have become the de facto standard uniform of the protest movement.

Your patriotic duty today is to wear a terrorist scarf at a communist rally. Nice!

Perhaps it is time to stop smoking?

More people than at any previous rally I've ever attended were wearing the specialized kaffiyehs that show the "Dome of the Rock" mosque -- part of the "Al-Aqsa" compound on the Temple Mount -- which is a symbol of the movement to replace Israel with a Palestinian state. The Arabic script says, "Jerusalem is Ours." (Thanks to "BN" for the translation.)

Al-Aqsa and Che -- together at last.

The woman is a Christian priest wearing a Palestinian kaffiyeh.

The Holy Grail of protest photos: woman wearing a kaffiyeh while carrying a "9/11 Truth" sign!

Kaffiyehs, kaffiyehs, everywhere you look.

All of the ANSWER members who organized the rally were wearing kaffiyehs as well -- part of their official outfit.

A kaffiyeh and an iPod -- a truly modern man.

Even Code Pink was wearing kaffiyehs.

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