Please God, make it stop!

Did you naively think that Obama’s election as President and the nearly total cessation of any hostilities in Iraq would finally spell the end of the anti-war protests that have occasionally erupted since 2003? Silly you. Because on November 10, 2008, the relentless members of the anti-American political cult World Can’t Wait uncorked a fresh new protest in downtown Berkeley, this time calling on Obama to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan.

Zombietime reader “Jackanape” filmed this video of a shouting match between World Can’t Wait and some pro-American counter-protesters who were dogging them.

The Daily Californian had a videographer on hand as well, and produced this report about the protest, with scenes from earlier in the afternoon when it started on the U.C. Berkeley campus.

World Can’t Wait wore their now-standard Guantanamo prisoner uniforms, with some big plastic chains for extra impact.

To complete the illusion of time travel to a different era, a Ron Paul for President volunteer showed up to observe the anachronistic proceedings.

Will these kinds of protests ever end? I have a terrible suspicion that the answer is “No.”

After a pause for some more arguing with the patriotic counter-protesters, off everybody trooped to the Marine Corps Recruiting Office. Even though Code Pink finally had the wisdom to call it quits and permanently end their futile year-long siege of the office, World Can’t Wait didn’t get the memo, and has now apparently assumed the mantle of leadership in the anti-Marines cause.

And remember: Stop thinking like an American!