I’ve just posted at zombietime a mini-report about two competing rallies outside a fundraiser featuring John McCain in San Francisco:

McCain in San Francisco: Fundraiser Rally, July 28, 2008.

Nothing particularly newsworthy happened, but I did capture a few interesting vignettes and memorable photos — including this one:

An “allegory” is a symbolic representation of an abstract idea, sometimes used in artworks to evoke concepts that can’t be depicted directly. Allegorical photographs, however, are extremely rare, because (unless they are posed studio photographs) one cannot arrange or construct the elements of any candid image to convey a particular philosophical notion. Yet this picture I took at the rally strikes me as a perfect example of an allegorical photo, because the accidental figures in the foreground (a Muslim woman in traditional garb, turning away sadly and leaving the scene — while a young westernized woman arrives to take her place) perfectly encapsulates the real “Bush legacy” announced on the side of the bus in the background; the idea being that the modernizing and westernization of Middle Eastern culture may be Bush’s actual long-term legacy, and not the temporary (and debatable) legacies mentioned on the bus itself. What do you think?