The moronic “tree-sit” at the Memorial Oak Grove above the U.C. Berkeley campus (in which a group of protesters are trying to stop the construction of a new sports training facility by “occupying” the trees on the site) gained notoriety last year when the the tree-sitters threw their urine and feces on police officers trying to remove them.

Well, I was combing through some old photos and found this short series of photos I took at the oak grove on September 22, 2007. Nothing special about that day — just a random day that I happened to find myself passing by the ongoing (and interminable) protest. I never used the photos, and was about to throw them away, when I noticed a couple of details about the photo above. For all the media mentions about the urine-throwing, I’d never seen an actual photograph of the urine in question. Until now, that is.

Here are some close-ups from the same photo. Notice the jugs of piss dangling from the tree.
The weaponized urine — revealed at last!

This “Wishist” (with some futile attempts at orthography: “carribeaners,” “solar pannels,” “spiget,” “penut butter”) ominously contains a request for “funnels.” You can just imagine what they’re for.

Here’s what the tree-sitters’ info table used to look like. A complete mess. (Now, nearly a year later, this part of the sidewalk has been cleared away and permanently blocked off by the police in an attempt to isolate the sitters.)


A parting message.