“It’s the Jews, Stupid.”

One of the most notorious regulars at Bay Area left-wing protests is a guy whom I refer to as “Mr. Binder Clips,” in reference to the clips he inevitably uses to hold his sign together. He usually displays a sign which says “SMASH THE JEWISH STATE” (here he is in 2004 and again in 2009, for example), though he sometimes branches out to other anti-Jewish messages.

Well, at the recent ANSWER-sponsored protest on March 21st in San Francisco, he decided to add an extra little sentence to his sign, in case anyone had any doubts as to his true feelings; he was captured in action by zomblog contributor “SaraRose”:

“It’s the Jews, Stupid.”

This isn’t surprising to those of us who have seen this guy in action: he’s obviously an unapologetic anti-Semite. Over the years I’ve eavesdropped on him various times, and learned he is an Argentinian Nazi.

For example, back in 2005, he attended a lecture given by Ward Churchill on the U.C. Berkeley campus, where I made an audio recording of the question he asked, to which I supplied the following caption:

Next up was this Argentinian fellow who brought the subject back around to Eichmann. But instead of agreeing with Churchill that Eichmann was nothing more than a bureaucrat who did evil things because he had no moral conscience, the questioner seemed to be a fan of Eichmann and took offense at the Mossad’s abduction of the former Nazi in Argentina in 1960:

“Because after all, most of the people in this country don’t even know who Eichmann was. Who was [I call it] kidnapped from my country by the Jews, and taken without any kind of diplomatic action. So isn’t that a fact that, that bother them that the fact that you call empire arrogant and criminal, what bothers them, actually?”

But what is surprising is that a Nazi (or at least a Nazi sympathizer) who is obviously anti-Semitic is accepted without dispute by the far left-wing in the San Francisco area. Perhaps, as I pointed out in the link above, because he claims to be a communist, he is allowed into the fold. All it takes is the proper use of a few buzzwords (“empire,” etc.), and you can get away with essentially anything on the far left.

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