Shades of elections past

Spotted in Berkeley yesterday:

The exhaust-spewing tailpipe is the punctuation mark.

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  1. 1marcus on May 2, 2014 at 5:22 am:

    Where is the “I’m ready for Hillary” sticker?

  2. 2Scott on May 3, 2014 at 12:59 pm:

    Kind of amazing that this proud liberal is driving an ancient Honda Odyssey from the 1990s with its V6 powerplant. I would think they’d run right out and buy a Tesla to show how “progressive” they are…but apparently Barack Obama’s (and Jerry Brown’s) punishing tax structure is keeping them from, uhhh, “progressing”, at least automotively speaking.

  3. 3PJB on May 4, 2014 at 8:34 pm:

    Hey Zombie, are we gonna get any may day protest pics?

  4. 4Kevin on May 6, 2014 at 4:59 pm:

    Didn’t they already restore Mono lake like 20-30 years ago? That must be a seriously old car.

  5. 5F U Mohammed on May 13, 2014 at 8:57 am:

    Happy Eternal Nakba for Pal-e-SWINE!

  6. 6Me on May 18, 2014 at 2:13 am:

    Very good Zombie going after pollution you should hand out a fake citation to that guy!

  7. 7Me on May 18, 2014 at 2:18 am:

    You know SFcitizens call you a local Gadfly what’s up with your Bush apologism anyways like defending torture turd John Yoo?

  8. 8Ronald Regan on May 18, 2014 at 2:24 am:

    Wow this sight is almost empty of comments must be loosing them to all those “conservative” turds down at freerepublic ! As long as this sight dosent become like that one.

  9. 9Scott on May 18, 2014 at 6:12 am:

    Hey, Me…I’ll bet you object to the torture and murder of Americans in Benghazi in September 2012…right? Oh, sorry, you’re a liberal. Nevermind…

  10. 10Me on May 20, 2014 at 11:13 pm:

    I do object to to the torture an murder of Americans I object to the torture and murder of anyone. I fully hope the terrorists in Benghazi are brought to justice.

  11. 11Me on May 21, 2014 at 5:05 am:

    Of course I do belive Republicans should calm down with Bengazhi. It was do to a inteligence failure and negligence on the part of the administration. It is really hypocritical of them to talk about Bengazhi when Bush got thousands of Americans killed in Iraq on faulty intel if not all out lies.

  12. 12Scott on May 21, 2014 at 3:59 pm:

    Well, where is your righteous indignation on Benghazi? Why aren’t you demanding Obama be tried as a war criminal for continuing the war in Afghanistan? Where is your frustration with Obama over the VA scandal? You see, Me, you liberals are all the same. You are fake. You pound your chests about “illegal wars” and get all red-faced about Dick Cheney and John Yoo, but when your guy (or guys and gals…note: Democrats ALL sanctioned the Iraq War. They had access to the intel as well) is caught on the carpet doing essentially the same stuff (lying, covering up, coordinating the talking points through the Sunday talk shows, etc), it’s OK, or you sniff “I object to the torture and murder of Americans” but then qualify the statement “I do think Republicans should calm down about Benghazi”.

    Utter crap. And it’s why liberals cannot be taken seriously. This is the beauty of Zombie’s website, Me. It exposes you all for what you are. FAKE. I wish, just once, I could have a reasonable exchange with a liberal. I wish that liberals could admit their hypocrisy. But the problem for you is if you do admit it, you need to seek an alternative to liberalism.

  13. 13Me on May 26, 2014 at 7:46 am:

    First off Scott Obama can’t be tried as a war criminal because carring on the Afghanastan war is not a war crime it’s not even a crime against peace which is what so many people wanted Bush to be tried for in the early days of the Iraq war for planning and waging a war of aggresion. The afghan war was not a war of aggresion I like so many other Americans belive the Afghan war was legal and justified! The reason people like John Yoo should be tried as war criminals is not because he “Carried on a war” but because he broke the laws and customs of war. You see Scott war crimes are not just some vauge custom that can’t be enforced there written down in treaties and codified by congress into statues specifieing what is a war crime and torture and murder just happen to be war crimes.

  14. 14Me on May 26, 2014 at 8:03 am:

    Secondly Scott you claim all the Democrats voted for the Iraq war as did the majority of congress were you aware that the Iraq war had already began BEFORE congress had AUTHORIZED it. Bush was going to go to war in Iraq with or without approval. You also seem to belive this and my qualification for Obama administration officials is a double standard it is not! Obama and his administration caused the the death of only four people throgh neglegince NOT nearly the same thing as causing 4,000 deaths trough Intent, knowladge, or even just neglagince. Murder and manslaughter are seperate and not punished the same unintentional homicide is not treated the same as intentional homicide. Even if Bush had not acted with Intent or Knowladge but with Recklessness or Neglegince he still caused mass death which is way worse than ANYTHING Obama ever did!

  15. 15Me on May 27, 2014 at 5:35 am:

    There will always be qualifiers in life for almost anything for instance you can’t get a job as an engieneer without an engieneering degree same as with a doctor just because there are qualifiers on a statemant does not make it per se hypocritical.

  16. 16RonaldRegan on May 27, 2014 at 5:37 am:

    I totally agree with you Me

  17. 17Me on May 27, 2014 at 5:43 am:

    Well Scott have you nothing to say I would normally be saying GOD I WISH I COULD JUST ONCE HAVE A REASONABLE EXCHANGE WITH A RIGHTY but you know I’d like not to stoop to your level

  18. 18Scott on May 27, 2014 at 5:50 pm:

    I’m guessing you and Ronald Regan are the same, Me. Stop playing games. And simply because you proclaim yourself as a non-hypocrite doesn’t make you so. You have zero outrage at Obama, and could guess you voted for him twice. That’s fine if you have a principled stance on his foreign policy (do nothing) and lack of support for the military. But instead you say Afghanistan was justified. Well, then, Me, so was Iraq. There were 17 (seventeen) SEVENTEEN unanswered UN resolutions that Iraq ignored. Bush at least had some balls and answered with force. Obama? He’s a limp wrist, and has been caving ever since. In fact, his draw down now is so significant that our forces left there are very much in danger. He doesn’t care, though. BTW, most every member of the military is either quietly or loudly disgusted with their gutless, cowardly Commander in Chief.

    As far as I’m concerned, the deaths of our military (very much unreported by your liberal media) since 2009 are on Obama’s hands, and they did increase in frequency after he took office. No outrage from you and your liberal pals.

    Benghazi was incompetence and should disqualify Hillary from the presidency in 2016. She is incapable of serving office; Benghazi is case and point. But there you will be, excitedly pulling the lever for the “first woman” (not a reason to or not to vote)to run for president in 30 months. Again, you are fake, thoughtless, and very much an example of your fellow liberals. Utterly predictable and hypocritical. Get some rage going about Afghanistan, Benghazi, and our “aggression” in Libya, and I’ll begin to respect you.

  19. 19Me on Jun 1, 2014 at 4:49 pm:

    Oh God not more liberal media BS as far as I can tell the majority of American media has a conservative bias not a liberal bias I know MSNBC has a liberal bias but CNN is leaning further to the right these days butt does have it’s liberal moments.

  20. 20Me on Jun 2, 2014 at 9:29 am:

    America’s sole POW soldier just got released what’s the first thing the right wing does when they here about it why attack him verbally of course. I’m so sick of people on the right acting like there patriotic wrapping themselvs in the flag and pretending they love America while hating it’s demographics it’s soilders and others. Did you know there are people on forbs calling for the tea party and or Military to stage a coup while decrieing the auther for writing about a hypothetical U.S. Military response to a tea party terrorist attack in South Carolina. You can not love America in theory while hating it in fact!

  21. 21Scott on Jun 2, 2014 at 4:56 pm:

    As far as you can tell the majority of American media has a conservative bias? I’ll guess you cannot distinguish a liberal from a conservative, then. Let me help you out here. Not that you’ll listen: PBS= liberal. Why? Government funding. They have to be. I know they are liberal because I worked at a PBS television station. I know the people, attitudes, and opinions. The bias includes all radio and television outlets.

    Now, you admit that MSNBC is liberal, did you consider who hires those losers there? Yep. Parent NBC, who also has Brian Williams, Matt Lauer, etc. Does Saturday Night Live EVER make fun of a liberal? People actually believe Sarah Palin said she could see Russia from her house because Tina Fey did that sketch. They also carry CNBC and, oh yes, Comcast cable owns the whole shooting match. Well, then, Me, there is a whole mess of liberal mouthpieces. Let’s remember the “exploding fuel tank” reports from NBC against GM in the 1980s on Dateline. Yeah, they had to trigger the explosions to manufacture that news. False reporting, anti-corporation. This equals liberal.

    CBS had Dan Rather, and we know he lied about George Bush to effect an election. Liberal bias? Naw. Ever hear a Sixty Minutes hatchet piece? Try the “sudden acceleration” falsehoods against Audi in the 1980s. Thanks, Sixty Minutes. The producers proved nothing, reported it like it was rampant and everyone was doomed who drove an Audi 5000. Funny thing, Audi (and independent) engineers couldn’t replicate the phenomenon. Hmmm. What is the pattern? Lying for effect, lying to gain ratings, lying to ruin a corporation and seeking more government intervention to “protect” the American people. Liberalism.

    Then we have ABC. Diane Sawyer used to be a Sixty Minutes anchor, Me. She now commands the biggest audience among the majors each night with her “concern for the little person” affectation. Nice blonde lady, who cares about me! How nice. And feeling. And liberal. They didn’t like John Stossel very much, either, even though his reporting style was sharp, accurate, and thoughtful. Stossel, BTW, is a libertarian, not a conservative. He had to move to Fox, the only tolerant television network out there now. Yeah, they were the ones who immediately brought Juan Williams on after his masters at PBS tried to lambaste him for daring to be reasonable in one of his reports. Seems fair.

    Then dial in the NYTs, LA Times, Chicago Trib, and every Gannet paper across this great land. Oh, and let’s not forget the radio networks also owned through Viacom (parent of CBS) and others…Me, you need to pull your head from the sand and pay attention. The problem is, you THINK the liberal media isn’t because you ARE a liberal. You cannot see it for yourself.

  22. 22Me on Jun 9, 2014 at 2:17 pm:

    WOW, you really beleive that NBC made up an explodin tank in 1980 I have no evidence of this conspiracy theory but if that’s what you believe that’s what you believe. I wasent around in the 1980s to know anythig that happend then from firsthand expeireance the only thing I know about the 80s is from history. Let’s not forget about the “false” problems with GM cars that came out recently in the media I’m sure all thoughs people who lost family members are just part of a vast anti-corporation LIBERAL conspiracy! Fox News has a huge conervative bias wich is aknowlaged by evreyone but the most ardent right wing conspiratorial wing-nuts. Fox News and CNN both acted as cheerleaders for the war in Iraq propagating the myth of weapons of mass destruction. CNN was recently caught spreading war propaganda again by lying that there was positive proof of Iran tring to get nuclear weapons! CNN has parterd up with several defence contractors to lobby for another war in the middle east.In addition Erine Burnett has spoken out against raising the minimum wage. Fox News, CNN, and Time magazine have all shown consrvative bias. The U.S. Media is far more right wing than any of the media in Europe or the rest of the world.

  23. 23Scott on Jun 11, 2014 at 5:19 pm:

    See, this is exactly the problem, Me. You weren’t around in the 80s but because NBC did the report, it had to be true, in your humble opinion. Do some research, bud. Google Dateline NBC exploding fuel tank. You’ll find it. And they acknowledged their incendiary devices to make the tanks explode. See, NBC made news up. Gas tanks do not explode when struck…they might catch fire, but they don’t explode. That’s a Hollywood movie myth. It was done to generate ratings, and ruin GM…an “evil” corporation. I’ll wager you aren’t much of a WalMart fan…see, liberals are programmed to hate WalMart because they hurt the little guy. Liberals don’t bother to consider WalMart is successful because they provide a valuable service which people like and, oh, jobs, to small town America. Large corporations of all stripes provide valuable services. This is how they become large corporations. This is beyond liberals.

    As far as Fox News is concerned, sure, they are conservative. Especially their OPINION SHOWS that are on prime time each night. It’s pretty obvious they are opinion shows. You know, the “O’Reilly Factor”…not “ABC World News” or even “Fox World News” but a guy’s name and the word factor. He is not masquerading as a news man. He’s giving the audience his opinion. If you watched Fox Report, you’d actually see a lot more news, by the way, then that which is homogenized through the CBS/ABC/NBC filters. They give more content and more information. It is no more biased than the major networks, and is really news, instead of cheerleading for Obama (or covering up his mistakes, like Benghazi, Obamacare, the prisoner swap, etc).

    In terms of the Iraq War, I’m pretty sure CNN was one of the originators of the nightly death count of soldiers. Me, you need to learn what bias is. Nightly death counts (which ceased in the 2009-present period) makes people like you foam at the mouth and manipulates you into being anti war (and therefore anti-Bush). Soldiers in an all-volunteer army might die. They know. Nobody is holding a gun to their heads when they enlist. Iraq was becoming a new Democracy in the middle/end of the last decade…all of which has been undone by Obama. It’s sad, really. More death, more destruction, less freedom, more government, a careless disregard for the rule of law…these are all hallmarks of this radical in our White House. And you sir, are a useful idiot doing Obama’s (and the rest of his radical bureaucracy’s) bidding, trying to shout people with reasonable opinions down.

    Sorry, my man, it ain’t working with me. You bring some facts and research next time and we’ll have a reasonable debate. Otherwise, you need to shout someone else down. Maybe they’ll smack some sense into you.

  24. 24Me on Jun 20, 2014 at 4:49 pm:

    Number one I haven’t shouted you down I’ve only been writing the only reason you’ve been having trouble responding is because I have been using FACTS to disprove you. Secondly if your opinions are that easily “Shouted down” or disproven then they must not have been very reasonable to begin with! For example I told you about CNN war propaganda and you responded with CNN counted the deaths of soldiers evrey night when what I ment was NOT about the Iraq war although it’s common knowladge they acted as Bushes cheerleaders on that but an obvious attempt to start a war with Iran by delibratly misleading people about the nature of there nuclear program! I know the Republican party is Americas war-party with it’s prototypical fake patriotism and getting a boner every time someone even mentions blood and violence in fact I used to wonder if the fascists loved war because they were nationalists or if they where nationalists simply becuase the where a war-party and loved war. So I know how hard it is for you to accept my many aurughments that are about to follow this comment. P.S. Debates aren’t about convincing the person your debating against there about convincing third party veiwers.

  25. 25Me on Jun 20, 2014 at 5:11 pm:

    Perhaps you’ve never heard of Amber Lyon who did exposé on repression in Bahrain which CNN never showed? She was repedetly told by the network to report selectively, repetativly, and falsly on Irans nuclear program and in favor of direct American aggression against Syria and Iran she exposed there “journalism 101″ propaganda methods to the world! During the Persian Gulf war CNN repeadatly coverd human intrest stories rather than depictions of actual violence as had been done in previous wars and one CNN reporter was even quoted by FAIR as like “the sweet beutiful sight” of American bombers taking off!

  26. 26Me on Jun 20, 2014 at 5:17 pm:

    I’m sure you’ll just tell me FAIR is a Socalist/Communist organization that’s part of a big “leftist conspiracy” hope those facts didn’t make your counter-factual republican brain explode! What’s up with tea party conservative not accepting science anyways? Maby you guys should just lay off the Conservopedia!

  27. 27Me on Jun 20, 2014 at 6:03 pm:

    My next post is about how liberals love ” big government”! Oh wait they don’t Liberalism origanaly was used to refer to someone from the left and by from the left I mean a Republican in the original sense of the word so you don’t get confused someone who supports a republic as opposed to a monarchy and also a Classial liberal somone who support individual liberty so a liberal was someone who was pro-liberty. The terms however changed around the late 19th early 20th century a liberal was someone who supported social equality while a the right-wing supported social inequality summed up in “Equality under the law but not equality of outcomes” they where only willing to get the government as big as it needed to be to protect peoples civil rights and constituitional rights from say the State gevernment but this was perverted into “big government” to make people think they where pro-government and therfore anti-idividual liberty! Perhaps you’ve also heard of so-called “Law and Order” conservatives you see Conservatives or rather right-wingers in general only use law to disparege people you’ll never see them protesting reverse onus statuets or making an intellectualy disabled person prove there own insanity in court dispute the fact that it is a negating defense one which negates the mental element of a crime instead of an Affirmative defense or purly an excuse which is why it’s not available for strict liability crimes however when someone cries that there due process rights are being violated it becomes a ” those people wouldent even have those rights if it where not for the 14th Amendment” and therfore those rights don’t exist and are just made up! However when someone shoots someone else and claims “self-defense” under a stand your ground statuet which is purly an Affirmative defense meaning they have to prove they WHERE in fear for there life suddenly there rights are being violated not because they have to provide evedice at court becuase conservative don’t give mentally ill and intelectualy disabled the benifet of the doubt but because they shot somebody most likely a minority and we think that’s cool! Then you got the neo-cons who always whan’t to start anouther war the so-cons who want to mandate government tuaght creationism and invade everybody elses privacy with Sodomy and other laws targeted specifacly at homosexuals NOT to mention if your an intersex person god help you you’d never reproduce and have to be in court everyother day and don’t even get me started on the Anti-immigrant, nationalist, ultra-nationalist, neo-fascist, borders not secure conservative “big government” my ass ideologicly dishonest much!

  28. 28Scott on Jun 22, 2014 at 7:31 am:

    Sigh. Me, you need to calm down. Your prose is jumbled, misspelled, and lacks proper punctuation. It’s hard to be effective with arguments when you cannot express yourself clearly. I said the media is liberal, and you are simply telling me one story that CNN decided not to run 10 years ago is proof positive that they are conservative. I’ll help you out, here…look up Media Research Center. They have documented liberal bias for decades. Add to that Bernie Goldberg’s books…he was a CBS news man, and saw, from the inside out, the liberal bias of the network. Further, he makes compelling and logical arguments that the entire media is biased left.

    Further, I would relish the opportunity to run through the evening news casts (nightly) and show you how it is that the network news anchors bias the new to their liking. It even comes down to editing, Me…what they do and don’t show. For example, there was a big fuss made about that “lonely” virgin killer out in California recently…he was described as a crazed “gunman”. Nevermind that three people he killed were stabbed. You see, Me? This is to perpetuate the “need” for stricter gun control. Gun crime in this country has been falling for sometime. But Sandy Hook, and every time some other fruitcake goes berserk with a gun (Virginia Tech, etc) it is headline news, and the debate over gun control is enflamed. This manipulates people like you into foaming at the mouth and putting rants onto websites like Zombie’s.

    So again, this anti-war stand you have is fake. You see for yourself that Iraq has descended into chaos under Obama…that Al Quaeda is once again strong and they are going to prepare for jihad in NYC and other American targets. They’ve SAID IT. That’s a fact. But you will ignore that and tell me I’m an evil, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic Republican who wants to oppress people of color, different sexual orientation (which seems to be your axe to grind), etc. In fact, you know nothing about me, except that I’ve said liberals are fake (which you have proven), and that the news media is biased leftward (which I’ve demonstrated with proven, demonstrable fact). BTW, I’m not a Republican, but you don’t care, because you have been manipulated into hating anyone who SOUNDS like what YOU think is a Republican.

    Keep posting, Me. Every time you do, it just proves my point.

  29. 29Scott on Jun 22, 2014 at 3:20 pm:

    A little more information for you to chew on, Me. CNN (which seems to be the focus of your media angst) is currently run by Jeff Zucker, a formerly highly successful media executive who was in charge of NBC for many years. In ’12 he took over CNN, and he is an OUTSPOKEN critic of the Republican party and Fox News. His son, Andrew, has worked for Corey Booker…prominent Democrat.

    Wolf Blitzer is also a reporter for CNN, and has been OVERJOYED to report sinking poll numbers for GW Bush. He spent many a program emphasizing Bush’s apparent public malaise, but now that Barry O is in the same place as W in the polls? Not a single word. Wolf Blitzer seems to have thrown in for the Democrats.

    Need I go on? Perhaps you can research the founder of Headline News…see where his political leanings are and see what some call his ex-wife.

    Pay attention to this stuff, Me. You’ll learn something.

  30. 30Scott on Jun 30, 2014 at 2:20 pm:

    More CNN information for you proving their left leaning ways: Fareed Zakaria, one of their anchors, described Nuri al Malaki as a hard line Shiite politician and embellished with this diddy: “You see, he has his own tea party, and this one has an army of its own”. Would a conservative disparage the tea party with a comparison to a hard line Shiite Iraqi politician?

    And today, the caption for the story about the Hobby Lobby case on CNN read: “Obamacare dealt a blow by the Supreme Court”. If CNN were conservative, that wouldn’t have been the caption. The caption would more accurately read: “Religious freedom supported by SCOTUS in Hobby Lobby decision”.

    I guess you are trolling elsewhere, Me, which is good. But, once again, I’m giving you specific examples of left wing media bias, and you are giving me nothing to support your argument.

  31. 31Me on Jul 1, 2014 at 7:53 pm:

    I guess it must be wrong or misleading to call someone who uses a gun in a crime a gunman I guess your gonna tell me ” The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is good guy with a gun” shure didn’t turn out that way for the victims of Jarede and Amanda Miller! Oh and sorry about my spelling my auto-correct feature must be on the fritz it keeps replacing my words so some may be misspelld and even diffrent words.

  32. 32Me on Jul 1, 2014 at 8:09 pm:

    “In ’12 he (Jeff Zucker) took over CNN as an outspoken critic of the Republican Party and Fox News” I beleive it was 2013 or 2014 in January if it was January of this year I’d hardly call that time enough to make the network liberal. He may have been appointed as President in 2012. Fared Zarkea is an intellectual I know that’s something many conservatives ain’t considering they hate science and there love of Pseudo-sciences like “creation science” and the like! In fact I do belive many conservatives are anti-intellectual. That reminds why are Conservatives and Republicans in general ideologiaclly dishonest?

  33. 33Me on Jul 1, 2014 at 8:37 pm:

    I do appreciate you’r at least somewhat imlied recognition of the bias well known conservative media on the Internet and elswhere in American society I do strongly disagree with the descision it really has nothing to do with religous freedom after all allthough a corporation may have some aspects of legal pearsonhood they have never really been granted all the constitutional protections traditionaly afforded only to natural persons at least up untill Citizens United! Corporations after all don’t have souls and are for the most part unable to manifest religous beliefs corporations are seperate entitys from the people that control them like the Board of Directors, President, and CEO who after all gets to decide what religon the corporation is the board of directors the president the CEO what about the shareholders? It really seems like nothing more than an execuse for a corporation to object to any law,rule or regulation or anything else the government happens to do based on a religouse belife that a corporation might and most likely will not sincerlly have! It very well could also open the doors for corporations to discriminate against employees of diffrent religons than the alleged religon of the corporation! Next though I’m sure they will extend sufferage to corporations actualy allowing them to vote in elections.

  34. 34Scott on Jul 2, 2014 at 2:24 pm:

    This is getting old. Me, a “gunman” descriptor ignores that he killed the same number of people with a knife! It’s done on purpose…are you too obtuse to understand that you are being manipulated? He’s not a gunman. He’s a crazed killer. I mean, if he shoved 15 people off the top of a building, but shot one, the news media would STILL call him a gunman! He’s not a gunman. He’s a killer. This is done purposely to make people agree with the stupid politicians who say “we must get guns off of the streets!” Sorry, stupid politicians…there is the second amendment which interferes with that. Obama doesn’t seem to care about the Constitution, though.

    Further, Zucker didn’t make CNN liberal. They already were. Zucker is just making a pledge to make them even harder left. Check out today, Me. Lots of liberal highlights in there. Nothing conservative. If CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and its affiliates, ABC, PBS, every affiliated radio network, every newspaper except the Wall Street Journal and the Washington Times, and most major blogs/news aggregators (Huffington Post among others) are liberal, but Fox, Rush Limbaugh’s syndicated show, and a few magazines are conservative, why doesn’t that make the media liberal, Me? 25-30 million Americans tune into the nightly news casts on the majors. They are getting the straight word from the administration. That’s bias, my friend. Liberal bias.

    In terms of pseudo science, check out “Global Warming”. That’s some serious pseudo science, Me. Absolutely refutable, scientifically disproven, fraught with scandal and bogus projections (University of East Anglia and the “hockey stick”) and easily understood. Global Warming “theory” is merely a propaganda campaign by the usual suspects trying to exercise control over every aspect of our lives. The reason why there is a “consensus” among scientists is because they are all paid by government to say it’s real and something must be done about it. There is no cash in saying “well, there was warming for a while, but then for the last 13 years it has leveled off, so given that there is more carbon in the air now than there was in 2001, the theory doesn’t hold”. That is fact, but we don’t hear about that in the liberal media.

    Non-government scientists are VERY mixed in their opinions, and many are disgusted by their fellow scientists selling out for political cash. Interestingly, the pseudo liberal science of global warming continues to fail to create policy that only enriches the politicians who project it. Witness John F. Kerry, wealthy beyond belief, a callous gross polluter, and mouthpiece for the pseudo science it is. He should be embarrassed, but he’s not. There is too much cash to be made from carbon taxes. He’s nothing but a thief, Me. You should be yelling “stop, thief!” every time you see the man.

  35. 35Eclectic Infidel on Jul 3, 2014 at 11:22 pm:

    Hi there Zombie. It’s been a while. I sort of miss the days of the large rallies…sort of. Cheers.

  36. 36Me on Jul 10, 2014 at 11:55 am:

    First as to the gunman aurughment defines a “gunman” as a man who is armed with a gun especially one who is willing to use it unlawfully. Meriam-Webster and wikitonary define a gunman as a man especially a criminal who is armed with a gun. The key word is “armed” so if there was a man armed with a gun on top of a skyscraper with ten (10) hostages and he threw nine (9) of them off but killed only one (1) by shooting he would still be a gunman in fact if he shot none of them that is to say shot zero (0) didn’t fire a single shot he would still be a gunman! It is not misleading to call a gunman a gunman you act as if using the very word gunman proves some kind of malicous intent by the media against you or your ideollagy which goes to show the conspiratorial mindsent most on the right possess in fact I belive that right-wing conspiracy theorys deserve a special place amoungst conspiracy theorys considering there are many conspiracy theories tha are not right-wing per se yet many people don’t add “right-wing conspiracy theoy” as a catagory when discusing conspiracy thories when will we learn , sigh!

  37. 37Me on Jul 10, 2014 at 12:23 pm:

    I was going to ask you what kind of “fossilzed pre-Cambrian rabbit” you where going to pull out of your ass to try to disprove global warming but then I read your comment and saw you already provided it first I’m not sure where you get your data it hasen’t leveld off there been a steady rise in the overall climate temerature over the past few years even Fox “News” has had to admit that there’s been a shift in the climate there may have been some short temporary declines in the teperature increase but that hardly disproves anything as the teperature has continued to stedaly increase one only has to go to one of the many climatologiacl websites to see the data I would advise you to steer clear of conservative conspiratorial websites Conservopedia and the like. I’m sure you’d say that these climatological organizations were just fabricating evidence as part of a government conspiracy to tax carbon tough which just goes to show how conspiratorial you conservatives and right-wingers in general actually are all you all can do is attack actual science as pseudo-science while proclaiming pseudo-science as actual science! The independent scientest’s you speak of aren’t independent but recieve funding if not paid outright to try to refute global warming or call it “junk science” and even try and fabricate evidence in the most extreme cases by the oil companys and “conservative think-tanks”! In fact many of these so-called scientest’s are the same ones who recieved “funding” by Big Tobacco to say that smoking wasn’t bad for you’r health! Of cours I’m sure you believe that was a government conspiracy as well and ciggaretts are actually good for you! P.S. Most of the so called controversy surrounding global warming or climate change today revolves around weather or not it is man made not weather or not it exists!

  38. 38Scott on Jul 10, 2014 at 2:44 pm:

    Look, Me, Conspiracy theories (please learn to spell) are only so if there is a conspiracy. Now, in the case of the gunmen argument, it is a conspiracy among the liberal media because they are describing a gunman when in fact he killed 6: an equal number of people died as he brandished a knife. Therefore it would be equally accurate to call him a knifeman. They defaulted to gunman because, for uninformed people like yourself who only read headlines, you will conclude that guns must be taken away from people. Do you notice the rhetoric from people like Bloomberg and Reverend Jackson and Al Sharpton? They never call for taking away knives or having a bomb registry or anything like that…it’s always focused on guns. Sometimes they say “illegal guns”, but generally it’s just plain old guns. They really don’t like the second amendment.

    In the fictitious case of people being shoved off the roof of a building, it would be far less accurate to call him a gunman than a crazed murderer. Sure, it’s still accurate (he had a gun), but less accurate because he killed 9 people by throwing them off of a roof, and killed one with a gun. The headline “gunman kills 10″ would be very misleading in that case, no? Do you really think that I would sound credible as a journalist if my editor said “hey, this headline about the guy who threw people off of the roof is misleading…” and I said “well, my online dictionary says because he had a gun it’s accurate to call him a gunman!” ?

    Of course, in the paradigm of liberal media (my editor would be a flaming leftist) I’d get a pass for being inaccurate, as long as my editing and selective fact highlighting supported the cause. This is how it works.

    As far as facts v science in the case of “Global Warming”, I’ll give you my source: NOAA. That’s a government agency, BTW, and very recently (and very quietly) they adjusted some of their data to reflect more accurately the cooler temps that are, in fact, happening. Further, I’ve seen with my own eyes a data collection point set up by a government agency in my city; it’s positioned on top of a 5 story building, on the roof, in a sea of asphalt and concrete. There, they collect surface temps for the daily calculation of temperature data. Do you think that data collection point is more accurate than, say, in a field? How about in some woods? Or next to a large body of water? You see, Me, even the data collection points are designed to bias the data to “warm”. But, it turns out, even the government has been forced to retract the dire predictions of Al Gore and John Kerry and reflect corrected data. It’s a shame, because you rely on liberal media for your information and have no desire to understand what is really happening with “Global Warming” that was (as recently as the 1970s) Global Cooling, and more recently morphed into “Global Climate Change”.

    I think you would be foolish to deny that the Globe’s climate is changing, Me. Even a neanderthal like myself recognizes global climate change. ABSOLUTELY the climate is changing. IT ALWAYS HAS. IT ALWAYS WILL. The folly in this (and here’s the pseudo science) is that man can do something about it through idiotic policy shifts. It’s a joke! I’m going to take direction from a gross polluter like John F. Kerry? I don’t think so. My carbon footprint is a tiny fraction of his. He has NO room to lecture me on the perils of climate change and extolling the virtues of climate change policy (but only for the rich countries, you see…China and India get a pass!).

    Which is a brilliant segue to my original point, and an excellent conclusion to this circular argument. Liberals (in this case Johnny Kerry) are hypocrites. Game, set, match.

  39. 39Scott on Jul 13, 2014 at 6:51 am:

    Here a delicious piece of irony related to this back and forth, Me, from one of your Liberal media pals, Bill Maher. He is a disgusting human being, by the way, but he tells it like it is in this little snippet from his Friday evening show “Real Time”. “There was a study done that found out online conversations that were intercepted and stored by the NSA-nine out of ten were not from foreigners, they were from ordinary citizens…this is exactly what they said they weren’t going to do…and I just want to say, if this were happening under Bush, liberals would be apoplectic. I’m sorry, but liberals are just sometimes useless Obama hacks without a shred of intellectual honesty.”

    This is a liberal describing you, Me. And he’s right. You are defending the indefensible…in this case, he’s talking about the NSA, but it is true with just about every political debate in the country today. Voting rights, immigration, climate policy, unions, healthcare, foreign policy, etc… Liberals just cheerlead, blindly, for a man who really has no concept of America and what it is and was. He doesn’t care. He just wants to make America into something else. He’s really not sure what, but it isn’t a strong, sovereign nation, that is for sure.

    And there you and millions like you are…cheerleading, as a “useless Obama hack”, trolling websites like Zombie’s, without a shred of intellectual honesty.

  40. 40Me on Jul 16, 2014 at 8:43 am:

    This is for you Scott to your comment #39 I was comming here to rebutt one of your previous comments BUT I’m going after this despicable ad homenim instead. You accuse me of being a hyporacte lobbying for a weak less Sovereign nation and to back this up you point to the NSA spying scandal which under Bush somehow made the country “stronger” but now that Obama is in office it somehow makes the country “weaker and less Soverign” not quit understanding you arughment there. Of couse to the consrvative Obama can do no right everything he does is wrong he uses unilateral executive action for something he’s wrong he tries tries to compromise on something he’s wrong he even decides to stay out of congresses’s buisness and just do his job executing the laws he’s wrong I’m totally against the NSA domestic spying and unitary executive action or unilateral executive action whatever name you want to call it but what confounds me is how conservatives have always loved unilateral executive action and have always defended it’s use Obama has used less executive action than any president since FDR I believe but gosh as a conservative when Obama does it it just makes you reconsider doing that dosent it thtas why consrvative parodists like Steven Colbert had to come up with a reason why he’s now agains executive orders when he wasent before but for some reason Conservative propagandists like Hannity and others still haven’t come up with a reason for there flip-flopping! But I guess that just doesent matter in Rightardia they said you like that explination more so I guess it must be true! You see Scott the “Imperial Presidency” of Obama is a myth made up by the consertatives FOR THE SAME REASONS YOU SAY LIBERALS ARE HYPOCRATS TO PUT YOU INTO AN UNQUESTIONING CONSERVATIVE FURRY! Obama has not used that many executive orders but the orders he has used are about the most begnine things and where nessecary and proper to carry out the laws!

  41. 41Me on Jul 16, 2014 at 9:12 am:

    I’m not really seeing how I nor any other liberals are hyporats or trolls regarding any of the other issues you commented on like Voting rights, Immigration, Climate change,Unions,health care espescially health care or even foreign policy I would also like to say that I regect your arughment that the “gunman” could just as easaly be called a “Knifeman” as proof that the media has a liberal bias put the word Kifeman on the front page of a paper and see how many pappers you sell! It could have something to do with America’s obsession with guns you seem to cite the Second Amendment for the protection of America’s gun fetishites but like almost all arguments involving guns the argument cuts both ways? I could just as easily apply the second amendment to knives as well but most Conservative Americans wouldn’t like that when’s the las time you saw someone cheching out a Knife magazine rather than a gun magazine! You never do becuase knife magazines are rare when you walk into a store there are always gun magazines but never any knife magazines! Most conservatives also like to guess what kind of gun was used in these mass shootings! One of my conservative freinds use to say conservatives love violence I can also see how that’s true most conservative in the grocery store love to check out gun magazines and get some pretty big bonners whene they do this is why there called gun fetishites no country on earth protects them like America does! You see Scott there’s something seriously wrong with these people they fantasize about guns and specificly what guns are used for which is murder killing people every time there’s a mass shooting these people get bonners just thinking about it there’s a drop of blood and boingoingoing! I can’t make that neat boing sound over the Internet but bear with me here but there’s are conservative gun fetishits bonner!

  42. 42Me on Jul 16, 2014 at 9:24 am:

    I was just over at the NOAA’s website and I couldt see what you where talking about! There’s also no such thing as “facts versus science” science IS facts that’s what it deals with! I’m also not sure if you know how science works the evidence you use has to be empiracle preferably peer reviewed butt it doesent have to be! Also in you’r previous statment you said that global warming is ” ablolutly refutable” of course it has to be refutable to be considerd science I’m wondering if your making the classic dumb ass consrvatives mistake of equating falsifiablility with has been falsified I’ll show you the diffrence in my next comment.

  43. 43Me on Jul 16, 2014 at 11:31 am:

    Good new evreyone Scotts scientific arughments maybe slightly intelligent if i’m correct and there wrong let’s begin shall we I’ll use evolutionary theory as an example. Conservative creationists and there pseudo-science compatriots often critisise how new evidence ( like new fossils or climatology data) always leads to the same conclusion in science such as global warming or in this case evolution and never towards design or some other stupid pile of crap conservatives want to put forward, even when theories about the specifics of a species development are changed in light of new evidence. Scientific theory can not be proven outright it can onl fail to be disproven this mean pointing out what evidence could disprove a theory. If a theory cannot be disproven such as with Russell’s teapot, it makes no difference whether it is true either way. It is also easy to get sidetracked by the the specifics of a theory, such as as individual pathways of certain features in evolution and then confuse these with what would disprove the overall theory! It’s like the latin maxim in law Generalia specialibus non derogant or The general does not detract from the specific AND lex specialis derogat legi gererali or specific law takes away from gerneral law just because you disprove the specifics of a theory does NOT mean you have disproven the theory itself! To avoid the problems I just mentiond we have to ba aware of what the scientific theory at hand is as with evolution it would be based on three main principles: variation,heritability,and selection. Given those three principles, evolution MUST occur, and thus many features of evolutionappear given only these three guiding principles! Science has to be observable to other people you can’t just say I saw NOAA secretly change there evidence but now there’s no way for you to tell if this alleged change ever occured! Furthermore Scott do you really thing there ain’t more data gathering devices like the ONE you saw on a roof of a builiding elswere out in the country you may not have said that you believe there is a coordinated conspiracy going on but you pretty heavaly implied it by saying the majority of scientists are bias!

  44. 44Me on Jul 16, 2014 at 11:50 am:

    Based on my previous asertations I have been able to foarm my own scientific theory that you are full of shit! You are either full of shit or you are a complete fraud! Like most conservatives who think that criminal corporations should do everything while the government should not protect it’s citizens from criminal corporations and don’t give me that Liberals made up GM being a criminal corporation nonsence if you don’t think mass murder and or manslaugther is criminal but then again I am talking to a conservative here than I don’t know what is. I use to work in private industry just like you use to work for PBS and I can tell you I was shorted on my paycheck if it were not for these various special regulatory and oversight agencys I would not have been able to get the money they owed me! If I had called the police they wouldn’t have done anything about it a doubt the courts would have cared ayether my boss tried to act like it was all just a screw up at the corporate level and kept giving me the run around! But I just called those regulatory agencies up an got my money back in no time didn’t even have to bother with court or anything like that it was great! I few other people couldent figure out how to get the money they where owed I suspect and ended up quiting but I’m happy that I got my money! From yet another criminal corporation!

  45. 45Scott on Jul 16, 2014 at 4:12 pm:

    Again, Me, learn to spell. Again, Me, learn to reason. I am pointing out that liberals are full of shit. Yep, that’s you. I am a conservative (not a Republican), I do believe in the second amendment of the Constitution, and indeed it does protect MY individual right to keep and bear arms. That’s a gun for simple people like you. No, I do not become aroused around guns, and none of my second amendment loving friends become sexually aroused when they are firing a weapon…they are too busy concentrating on their target. For people who understand guns, Me, that is gun control…knowing how to use your weapon properly and safely. BTW, I do not own a firearm. And indeed there are knife magazines and plenty of activity around knives at gun shows. What is your point? My point was the fruitcake in California was a knifeman but he was labeled gunman. Liberal bias. Again, you make my point for me.

    Global Warming theory is not scientific…it’s political. The reason we know this is because when all else fails (lack of data to consistently support the theory) liberals immediately resort to “peer reviewed science” as the end of the argument. Nope. Not when every peer is paid by Liberal politicians to say global warming due to man made carbon emissions is real. Cut their money off, Me. Suddenly those peers will scatter like cockroaches. There is no money in saying that Climate Change is real, constant, and caused by many, many factors, most of which are far outside of man’s control. How could a liberal politician levy a carbon tax unless he has “peer reviewed science” behind him? And a liberal media cabal supporting that, which is designed to make idiot citizens like you spew nonsense at me on websites like Zombie’s? BTW, you need to look at NOAA temperature data for the last 20 years or so. That’s not going to be posted just for people like me to read it back and prove liberals wrong, Me! Good Golly! That’ll cut their funding off quicker than poop through a goose! But remember last winter Me? In the US many record low temperatures and snowfall. Remember Al Gore said snow would be a thing of the past? He said we would all perish in a ball of fire by 2015 IF WE DIDN”T DO SOMETHING!!!! What is the something, Me? THink? What’s he want us to do??? PAY MORE TAXES!!!! That’ll fix it, for sure. Meanwhile he has more than $100 million he’s made off of his religion. THat’ pretty good for bogus theory that is disproved each and every year. I wish I could be as inaccurate as Al Gore is and make the kind of scratch he does.

    Here is a great way to know that the globe isn’t warming, Me. Right now, today and this weekend, the MidWest and East Coast of the US is experiencing record cold temperatures. Dew points in the 50s. THAT ISN’T POSSIBLE WITH MORE CARBON IN THE AIR ACCORDING TO GLOBAL WARMING THEORY!!!! Use your head, Me. They will tell you that it’s more complicated…the climate is a complicated thing. Sure is! But carbon and temperature do not correlate, and that is the pseudo science of global warming. In fact, the atmosphere during the early years of the earth was Oxygen rich. What do we know about living creatures on earth hundreds of millions of years ago? They were REPTILES. What do we know about REPTILES and body temperature, Me? They warm with the surface temperature of the earth! Can reptiles live for prolonged periods of cold? NO! So we know in an oxygen rich environment that reptiles lived hundreds of millions of years…it was very warm all over the earth. There are two easily researched and quick “global warming” facts that refute the theory. See, Me, this is why you are easily led. You don’t check beyond the liberal media. You really do need to peek outside once in a while. It’ll enlighten you! It might even frighten you…but the truth is liberating.

    I won’t even address the rest of your silly rants, because you are a locked in liberal. You have no idea why, but you do have a strong sense that government is there to protect you, and big government officials (elected and appointed) will always seek to do the right thing by “the little guy”. That’s you, in your mind, Me. You do not consider yourself a rugged individual with your own thoughts and dreams, and simply wish to live your life as you see fit in this great land. You need Obama, the protector, to make sure you get your pay and that the “evil corporations” and the Koch brothers don’t take everything away!!!! I kinda feel sorry for you, Me. Yours is a dark, forbidding world full of imaginary evil, manipulated “facts” and government drones who will always control you.

  46. 46Me on Jul 17, 2014 at 5:32 pm:

    Uh oh Rightard alert evreyone we have a rightard here and his name is Scott! You’ve just shown your iggnorace by showing you have no idea what Global warming even is it the Global mean temperature that’s rising rightard it’s risen by 1.4 degrees Farinheight that may not sound like much but to the enviroment that’s a big deal. For more on the Global mean temerature check out the Little ice age and do a little more reaserch next time you should also really lay of the Conservopedia! I also really love how you sighted no real proof for the nonexistentce of Global warming but a BS fake subjective experiance of what you claim was alterd evidence BTW, dosent constitute scientific evidence or any other kind of eviednce whent on to show you’r complete lack of knowlage regarding science and coming up with a completly false conspiracy theory yes Scott that’s how you spell theory! A completly false conspiracy theory about how the only reason scientest’s accept global warmig is because there being paid by governments and a massive cordination by a secret cabal of Liberals and so forth! But I doubt you’ll actualy care what anybody else or what the science textbooks have to say on the issue cause that’s just how Global warming deniars are your almost as bad as holocaust deniars I got done commenting to on a blog about why Hitler was so great! You don’t care about any of the evidence against you or what the textbook says you just keep saying that it’s already been disproven that it’s pseudo-science or pseudo-history and that the only reason why everyone else in the mainstreem accept it as fact is because they’ve all been brainwashed by conspiratorial elements well guess what Scott the jig is up! BTW, snow during the winter does not disprove global warmig! BTW, I never was for a carbon tax at least not on individuals just on corporate ownd factories!

  47. 47Me on Jul 17, 2014 at 5:36 pm:

    Oh WOW that OH WOW I jus said doesent even to begin to show how stupid you look right now REPTIALS living in a warm oxegyn rich eviroment refuting global warming you act like heat is impossible when there’s oxegyn around!

  48. 48Me on Jul 17, 2014 at 6:07 pm:

    On the issue of guns are YOU SURE you or you’r freinds not sexualy aroused by guns or more specificly by what guns are used for which is murder! Even if you wern’t Republicans (and please Scott spare me on the I’m a Conservative but not a Republican routine Republicans are a right-wing cadre party or catch all for those on the right particularly conservatives of all kinds) have gotten rid of most mental institutions and evicerated are contrie’s mental helth system! They also made it much harder for the mentaly ill to use the insanity defense making them prove there own insanity and in the case where said insanity would be a negating defense that is woud negate the mens rea element have made them literaly prove there own innocence! Not to mention the increase in prosecution of the mentaly ill and intelectualy disabled all across the country for reletivly minor crimes mainly in republican held states coupled with what I just mentiond driving them all to commit more violent crimes! Even if they did succesfully use the insanity defense for a minor crime they’d just get involatarily commited to a mental hospital for god knows how long(aka idefinently) but maby if they ever due get this fixed you can check yourself in for your apperant BPD and ODS that stands for Borderline Personality Disorder which most conservatives seem to have! It’s where you see everything as good or bad black & white you can never quite seem to find the shades of gray. Also Obama Derangement Syndrom which I know most conservatives have allways angry at Obama for seemingly no reason at all! BTW, don’t accuse me of being here just to defende Obama cause I’m not like you might say Im a Liberal(not a Democrat)!

  49. 49Me on Jul 17, 2014 at 6:33 pm:

    You really have no cards to play at least not on the global warming issue! Looks like I win per se!

  50. 50Scott on Jul 18, 2014 at 4:40 pm:

    Me, you are too funny. This is rich: “Even if you wern’t Republicans (and please Scott spare me on the I’m a Conservative but not a Republican routine Republicans are a right-wing cadre party or catch all for those on the right particularly conservatives of all kinds) have gotten rid of most mental institutions and evicerated are contrie’s mental health system!” Oh, that is too good. Thank you, Me, for confirming your mental issues! You are absolutely right! And you should be in an institution. I’ll write a check to Jack Lew and ask him to round you up and commit you. First month’s expenses on me!

    Me, you don’t understand what a conservative is, so obviously you cannot know that they all have BPD. However, you are currently projecting, which is something BPDs do when cornered…throwing the same accusations right back in the opposition’s face and accusing them of stupidity. Seriously, Me, you cannot declare yourself the winner of a debate when you lack any evidence of being correct! This is what liberals do when they’ve lost the argument. They declare themselves the winner and call their opponents stupid. Yet here you are, with no support to your position, poor spelling a diction, calling yourself the winner.

    Look, Me, you are apparently a product of public school. Fairly recent too, if you weren’t around in the 80s. Your history is lacking, and your reasoning ability is non existent. I suspect you are gay, or transgender, or something along those lines, and you have many MANY psychological issues which need work. These are not my problems. You own them. What I recommend, bud, is that you seek therapy. Seriously. And think through your position and present your facts logically and in order. Once you do that, you might be more effective with the back and forth.

    Now, I’m going to stop encouraging you, because I really don’t have the patience to nurse you, and you are unlikely to heed any helpful advice. But someday, think back when you had a back and forth with some guy on Zombietime’s website, and think how I have been relatively kind to you…no name calling, though I did say you and other liberals were hypocrites, which all liberals prove each and every day, and I said the media was liberal. I was right, but you won’t get off of your position that all Republicans are conservative (which is a lie) and we all want people different from us to die with us holding smoking firearms and erections in our pants. It just isn’t so.

    Which brings me to a great quote by Ronald Reagan. “Liberals just know so much that isn’t so!” Amen.

  51. 51Me on Aug 3, 2014 at 12:52 am:

    This is for you global warming denialist Scott it’s been a long time hasen’t it there you are claiming Scientests are using antecdodal evidence that the earth is warming. All while trying to run a one proof gambit saying that I can’t be the winner of an Internat debate because I dind’t provide any evidence then when I posit another question to you you resort to nothing butt ad homenims! As I pointed out to you earlyer I can in fact declare myself the winner here because as I told you Global warming is the rise of the the Earth’s temperature on average it’s not an annual rise in temperature so it can’t be disproven every year just because it snows. It’s not about antacdodal evidence of course maby you just don’t care perhaps you’r reviving pay from an energy company to be a global warming deniar I cite as my evidence that in you’r previous post you said “there is climate change there will always be climate change but it dosen’t mean that humanity is causing it” then you resort to saying that global warming dosent exist and is disproven every year based on antactdodal evidence! So which is it Scott!

  52. 52Me on Aug 3, 2014 at 12:58 am:

    Scott I never said anything about being gay! You should stop putting words in my mouth. I never even really implied it! O.K. So maby I implied it jussst a widdle bit. What I was talking about where intersexed or hermaphroditic people people who are physicaly both or inbetween a man and a woman since afeter all it is a favorite of social conservatives to say that homosexuality is not imutable since it’s no physical.

  53. 53Me on Aug 3, 2014 at 1:06 am:

    You know what I think Scott I think that you are Zombie scence you spend all your time on this website! And you talk about living in a city with “climate monitoring devices” on the roofs of buildings I can only really speculate that you live in Berkley! Nobody else that I can see except for you me one other person has commented on this thread and this closed in fart bubble website hardly ever updated I wonder how logng before this fart bubble is popped and the site just closes on down!

  54. 54free traffic on Aug 11, 2014 at 11:23 pm:

    My partner and I stumbled over here from a different web address and
    thought I may as well check things out. I like what I see so i am just
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  55. 55Me on Aug 22, 2014 at 5:57 pm:

    Finally the Conservative media and conservative side of America show us what there all about that they really are racist propagandist! They say that Officer Darren Wilson sufferd an Orbital fracture when indeed he did not! It was just totaly lied about that which proves Fox News is just a politcal propaganda channel and a racist one at that. Ann Coulter of the extremly racist AP said that X-rays of Darren Wilson showing the “orbital fracture” had been realesed when in fact they have not no body can even find these X-rays online there’s no photos of them. Aside from the few fringe websites which each cite eachother and Fox News on this bogus claim and insist upon it without having any evidence to back it up. Yet they all by into it because of some shared delusional conspiracy theory that for some reason some how the “mainstream media” is conspiring against them and Darren Wilson! Of course it says a lot about there inteligence if they will only cite eachother and dubious sources without any hard proof of any evidence!

  56. 56Rsmy on Aug 30, 2014 at 2:48 pm:

    Dear “me”
    you are pretty dumb.
    Stopping the drinking habit would help your spelling.
    Gosh you are pathetic

  57. 57Me on Sep 10, 2014 at 11:31 pm:

    Suck my weiner!

  58. 58Me on Sep 10, 2014 at 11:39 pm:

    Rsmy is that you Scott I’m just going to use this site as a dumping ground to say cool shit. Since you all are of course extremly stupid simpeltons resorting to nothing more than ad hominems and are aperantly incapable of understanding simple science as well as not understanding how to spell corectly yourselvs! LOL

  59. 59Me on Sep 10, 2014 at 11:39 pm:

    Suck my Weiner

  60. 60Kristophr on Sep 14, 2014 at 8:15 am:

    Me on Sep 10, 2014 at 11:39 pm:

    Suck my Weiner

    Admission of losing argument accepted, child.

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