On today’s “Hard Knock Radio” program on KPFA in Berkeley, a speech by Hunter College Professor Marimba Ani was broadcast in which she claims Obama is controlled by the Jews.

Click on this link to hear the audio clip (mp3):

Two-minute excerpt of Marimba Ani on KPFA’s “Hard Knock Radio, December 23, 2008.

Below is the transcript of the audio clip, which pretty much speaks for itself. The first minute or so is simply context: introducing the show, including a comical promotional announcement for the program by, of all people, Dan Rather.

In the transcript below, ellipses indicate portions of the original hour-long show that were left out — only the crucial section is included. See the end of this post for a link to the full show on the KPFA site, if you’re interested.

Radio announcer: “Welcome to Hard Knock Radio. My name is Mike Biggs here at the controls. Today on the program we bring you highlights of the great Harlem Obama Debate that took place December 14th at the St. Mary’s Church in Harlem, New York, posing the question, ‘Is the Obama Election Good for the Black Community?'”

Dan Rather: “Hello, I’m Dan Rather. When I’m in the Bay, I keep it locked to Hard Knock Radio: news, views and hip-hop. Peace.”
Fenny: “What’s up folks, this is your girl Fenny representing the whole Bay Area. I’m here on Hard Knock Radio: news, views and hip-hop. Stay tuned.”

Radio announcer: “Today on the show we bring you highlights of a debate that went down a couple weeks ago in Harlem, New York, asking the question, ‘Is the Obama Election Good for the Black Community?’ … Up first we bring you Dr. Leonard Jeffries, who feels Obama is good for the black community, followed by Dr. Marimba Ani who feels Obama is not. This is Hard Knock Radio — stay tuned.”

Event MC: “Culture scientist, former head of the black sequence at Hunter College, Dr. Marimba Ani….”

Marimba Ani [speaking about Obama’s campaign]: “…Who did the financing? … They had a long history, in Chicago. Which brings me to the next warning, the next what I see as implication of this, and that is the Jewish connection, which must be understood. Because we fought that in the Civil Rights movement. And I was a part of the Southern student movement in Mississippi and all the time we had to fight for control of our own movement. Now what has happened is that he has allowed that control to come into play. Because he was picked and chosen, and I could give you the list of names. I don’t have time to now, but you’re gonna have to find these things out. You’re gonna have to now get on the Net, read things. Think, don’t just listen to rhetoric about how wonderful it is to have these beautiful people there. See where they came from. See what they represent.

If it isn’t already obvious just from hearing it, Ani’s thesis is that the Jews control Obama, just as they wrested control of the Civil Rights movement and so much else — one of the classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

Here is a link to a streaming broadcast of the full hour-long show, on KPFA’s own site:

Hard Knock Radio broadcast, December 23, 2008.

You can also download the mp3 podcast of the full show (10mb) by right-clicking (or control-clicking) here.

If you’re curious about who Marimba Ani is, more info about her can be found here.

And, finally, if you’re not familiar with KPFA: It’s the leading far-left “progressive” radio station in the San Francisco Bay Area, part of the Pacifica network.