My latest, at Pajamas Media:

Front-row seat at the iPad media circus.

Here’s a teaser:

Want to know why newscasters are generally only shown from the chest up while doing broadcasts? This is why.

3 Responses to “Front-row seat at the iPad media circus”

  1. 1Starless on Jan 28, 2010 at 4:16 pm:

    The funniest part about this unveiling is now newspapers are crossing their fingers and praying that the iPad will do for them what iTunes did for the music industry. They still don’t get that the reason their industry is dying is not because people don’t want to read off of dead trees any more but because their content sucks.

  2. 2CattusMagnus on Jan 28, 2010 at 5:06 pm:

    I’m not so impressed with the iPad either. Jesus! Do I agree with Hitler?!

  3. 3incognito on Jan 29, 2010 at 7:51 am:

    Starless, I agree!! And Zombie pointed out how news media could be deceitful in using photographs to show one side to be bigger than others when the reverse is true, like being on the pro abortion camp when there is only 80 people max and make the crowd on the other side smaller and so give the impression that pro abortion camp was as big if not bigger…

    The point being, the potential readers of the news media is ON THE OTHER SIDE!! And after they participate the event, and they check out the news and they find that it did not reflect what their experience showed…thus lowering their trust level of the said news media…how do you think they will trust on other news items? Note that Zombie thought that over 40,000 pro lifers were marching in San Francisco of all places !! That is a potential of at least 40,000 readers that the news media could get!!!! But only ONE Hispanic News channel was PRESENT….HELLO!!!???

    I was not a Fox News watcher, but I find their news to be more informative than the other side and at least they were more accepting to one side that the other news deride. Like the Tiger Woods interview by Brit Hume. I mean, if news media can be pushing for Global Warming and Mother Gaia theology on saving planet Earth on their listeners, why couldn’t Brit share what he thought was a positive step of redemption was his religious faith with his interviewee?