Barack Obama came to San Francisco on October 15 to attend a private fundraiser at the St. Francis Hotel — where he was greeted by an unexpectedly large and boisterous “Tea Party” protest.

(Other groups showed up as well, and I cover the full event at zombietime: San Francisco Obama Fundraiser Protest.)

Since I had never before encountered an actual “Tea Party” (i.e. an anti-Obama protest by conservative, libertarian and/or right-wing voters), I was curious to see if the partiers lived up to their reputation as “extremists” (at least as portrayed by the media). But instead of scary extremism, what I found was a surprising and piercing sense of humor (something that had been mostly lacking from the angry protests of the Bush era).

And so for your entertainment I present this gallery of the 20 best signs at the San Francisco Tea Party. And when you’re done, make sure to visit my full report on the day’s events to get the complete context for the rally.

The 20 Best Signs at the San Francisco Tea Party

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