San Francisco Anti-War Rally, October 27, 2007

The Republican Anti-War March

Yes, really

The October 27, 2007 anti-war march in San Francisco was, to the untrained eye, a Republican anti-war march, populated by voters who both support Republican candidates and disparage Democratic candidates.

Couldn't possibly be true, you say? Too disorienting? See for yourself:

Supporters of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul unfurled the day's largest banner next to the rally's main stage, directly in front of San Francisco City Hall.

Meanwhile, protesters throughout the rally held up signs attacking the Democratic Party.

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul had one of the largest contingents in the march through the city's streets.

Everywhere you looked, protesters were encouraging people to not vote for Democrats.

Ron Paul supporters held a Republican mini-convention on the lawn.

A fan of Republican president Richard Nixon compares him favorably to George Bush, who apparently has not lived up to this Republican's standards.

A pair of skeletons expressed their disgust for the Democratic Party.

One of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul's many clever aphorisms, which were quoted widely by Republican voters in the crowd.

Nancy Pelosi, the leading Democrat in Congress, was the subject of much vitriol, as she symbolizes everything the marchers hate about Democrats.

You know a political movement is about to sweep the nation when it starts attracting pretty girls. Once that happens, they lure in the young men, and the whole thing begins to snowball.

Voting against Hillary was also a major theme of the day, though this particular protester accidentally wrote "Socialist" on her sign instead of "Republican." Must have been a typo!

The littlest Republican of all.

Unseating Democratic head honcho Nancy Pelosi is a top priority among Republicans, so they've thrown their support behind third-party candidate Cindy Sheehan, since there are no viable Republican candidates running against Pelosi in her congressional district.

Cindy placards were everywhere, part of the strategy to weaken the Democrats by unseating Pelosi, their most powerful member.

The placards even referenced the "V for Victory" sign flashed by beloved former Republican President Richard Nixon as he boarded his presidential helicopter for the last time. What a nice tribute!

And just as Nixon ended the Vietnam War, Ron Paul will end the current war. Nixonian Republican ideals are still strong!

Anti-Democratic-congress sentiment was running very high.

Whereas Republican Ron Paul support was ubiquitous.

The anti-Democrats joined up with the pro-Republicans to show San Francsico -- and the world -- how they feel.

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