San Francisco Anti-War Rally, October 27, 2007

I Pledge Aversion to the Flag

Stars and Stripes abuse

At this rally, a common way to express one's revulsion for the United States was to display the American flag upside-down, or abuse it in some way or another.

Unapologetic in their feelings.

Anarchist truther punks.

"Burn it," his shirt says, over a drawing of the flag.

This guy's schtick was to drag both the American flag and the Bible on the street as he marched along.

He was one of the few protesters that got occasional applause from passersby.

Here's yet another couple, different from the ones in the first two pictures, also carrying an upside-down flag.

They lined up perfectly with Miss "US Military Bases Are Terrorist Training Camps."

This purported veteran fashioned a mock US tank -- adorned with an upside-down flag as well.

This guy went to the trouble of taking an Old Navy shirt, cutting out the right-side-up American flag, and sewing it back on upside-down.

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