San Francisco Anti-War Rally, October 27, 2007

Let Me Take You to Crazy Town

From the indecipherable to the incoherent

Sanity was in short supply on October 27, 2007.

A new political philosophy cropped up at this rally which I had never seen before: apparently, global warming is caused by the war in Iraq. Or by war in general.

Several people were carrying these "No War, No Warming" signs. Could they possibly be serious?

Finally someone's making some sense around here!


"Protected patsies" -- I knew it was them all along!

The "peace movement" and the "9/11 Truth" movement have just about completed their scheduled merger.

The Ron Paul movement is also joining Team Truth.

Even the Raelians were on hand.

This Raelian had the old-fashioned "Star-of-David-swastika" medallion, which I believe has now been replaced by a logo that's more politically correct.

Save Tookie? Isn't he dead? Oh yeah, of course he's dead, I went to his execution myself.

Even the sheer dementia of the anti-"White privilege" movement manifested itself at the rally. This collage was probably this guy's Master's thesis.

And yes, some people did wear tin-foil hats.

Moe: "What does your protest sign say?"
Curly: "It don't say nuttin'!"

Finally, a message I can agree with.

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