San Francisco Anti-War Rally, October 27, 2007

Code Pinko

Communists of every stripe

Communist messages and motives and memes were so omnipresent at the rally that there's no real way to summarize it all with just a few photos. So here are a handful of images to give you a taste of how deeply communist the day really was.

You wouldn't think that there were still Bolsheviks around, but here you go.

The only people willing to get into a confrontation with them were the Ron Paulians.

I'm so relieved that no communist country has ever been involved in a war! Ever! Nor have any feudal states, nor agrarian societies, nor hunter-gatherers. In fact, war and violence did not exist until capitalism came around!

Time for a parade of Ches.

FMLN is the communist movement in El Salvador -- formerly a revolutionary army, now trying to merge into standard politics.

The front of the march, which was organized by the "October 27 Coalition," composed of ANSWER and other communist groups.

ANSWER's signs weren't even about the war, but were about Israel.

The always-well-organized Filipino communists also showed up, and also exhibited an odd obsession with Israel.

They did have some nice face-paint, however.

Here come the Bolsheviks again.

Even after the march was over, as I left I passed a "retro" antique shop, which prominently displayed this statuette of Chairman Mao. Oh sure, it's supposed to be "kitsch," but what starts out as ironic fascination often leads to sincere admiration.

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