Q: How is this site organized? I can't figure it out.
A: The main central column contains a complete list of all zombietime reports, in reverse chronological order, starting with the most recent. On the left and right sidebars are various thematic categories, in which the same reports are listed once again, this time grouped according to theme and ranked according to popularity. Some reports are listed more than twice, if they fit into more than one theme.

Q: Where do all these photos come from? Did you take them all yourself?
A: Yes. The photos on zombietime are "original content" -- photographs taken by me and posted here and nowhere else. These reports are not composed of images taken from other Web sites or by other photographers (except where noted in a very few instances). If you see the same image on zombietime and on another Web page, it's almost certain that zombietime was the original source, and that the other site took it from zombietime (again, except in a very few instances where the photos' origins are clearly indicated).

Q: Why is your page design so primitive and minimalistic? Don't you know how to make decent Web pages?
A: Not really. All I know are the most basic html codes for putting images and text on a page. And, frankly, that's sufficient for my purposes. zombietime is all about the content, not about fancy design. What matters are the pictures themselves -- not how they are presented or displayed.

Q: zombietime doesn't seem like a blog -- it's more like a collection of photo essays. Don't you have a real blog?
A: Yes, I now have a blog, called zomblog. The main zombietime page is for large reports containing many photos each; the posts on zomblog are for individual unique photos that don't fit in to a larger report, or for protests and other events that were so small that I felt they didn't merit a full-sized zombietime report.

Q: What does the name "zombietime" mean? Does this site have anything to do with zombies?
A: No -- you won't find any information about or photos of zombies anywhere on zombietime. The name "zombietime" doesn't mean anything at all -- it's just a memorable title I came up with that has no particular significance. It is spelled as a single word, always lower case.

Q: Who are you?
A: I choose to remain anonymous.

Q: I can't decipher your politics. Are you left-wing? Right-wing? Conservative? Liberal? Or what? I'm confused.
A: I'm confused too. I've stopped believing in the existence of the "left/right dichotomy." And every existing political label has been rendered meaningless by endless framing, reframing, and counter-reframing by competing political factions. There is no name or category that summarizes my wide-ranging opinions -- opinions which, furthermore, are continuously evolving. The zombietime images speak for themselves, and my personal outlook should be irrelevant in any case.

Q: I want to use one or more of your photos on my blog/Web site/essay/news story/TV show/documentary/book. Do I need permission? How much does it cost?
A: That depends.

If you are a blogger, or an administrator of a small or nonprofit Web site, you don't really need my permission to re-post one (or a few) of my pictures, either as an illustration for a blog posting about one of my reports, or for an essay on a related topic. It's standard practice for bloggers to re-post pictures of all sorts without needing to ask permission ahead of time. If you do repost one of my pictures, however, I simply request that you credit zombietime and include a link to this site.

If you are a television producer, a reporter for a mainstream newspaper, a filmmaker or a book editor, and would like to use any of the photos or video clips from zombietime in your work, please see the Contact page for more information on how to license my material for broadcast or publication. (Please note, however, that I own the copyright only for those images taken by me; permission to re-publish images from other sources, such as those in the Mohammed Image Archive or Really Truly Hillary Gallery [for example], must be obtained from the original copyright holders.)

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