If you're looking for an easily accessible email address for zombietime -- you won't find one. This is not an oversight. I get far too many emails every day (and far too many threats), and I'd rather make it as difficult as possible for malicious correspondents to contact me.

That said, if you really, really need to contact me, for a really, really good reason: If you browse through certain of the reports on zombietime, you will find in some of them various email addresses provided so that people can send me updates and submissions related to this or that particular report. Any of those addresses will reach me. I will, however, leave it up to you to figure out which reports contain this contact info.

If you are a legitimate editor, producer or journalist looking to license zombietime imagery for commercial use, you can either try to contact me directly using the method described above, or click here to contact my commercial licensing agent.

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