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About the Concourse

The Concourse of Hypocrisy "celebrates" the hypocritical bumper stickers and messages displayed on gas-guzzling vehicles. The people who drive these cars enjoy the comforts of an ultra-convenient lifestyle wholly dependent on oil, merrily burning fossil fuels by the barrel-full as they drive around Berkeley emblazoned with stickers scolding everyone else about the evils of oil consumption and pollution. "No Blood For Oil," they proclaim, "...unless it's for my car!" What exactly goes through their minds as they stand at the pump, pouring gallon after gallon of blood-soaked oil derivatives into their private limousines? Anything at all?


Note: The license plates of all the vehicles in the Concourse have been blurred out, to ensure the privacy and anonymity of the hypocrites.

(For those unfamiliar with the term, a "concourse" is a popular kind of outdoor car show, where owners display their classic restored and/or customized cars, competing for prizes. [Often, the more upscale events use the French spelling "concours d'elegance."] Some of the most well-known concourses are held annually in Hillsborough, Amelia Island, and Pebble Beach.)

Inspired by this Web page, some unknown entrepreneur has created an anti-hypocritical bumper sticker design and offered it for sale at "No Blood for Oil...Unless It's for My Car." A fine addition to your (or anyone's) bumper!

How the Winners Are Chosen

The "Best in Show" overall winner is the car that has the worst gas mileage and most emissions, in conjunction with an especially hypocritical anti-oil message. The "Best Antique Car" is the oldest vehicle in the competition. The "Best Foreign Car" award goes to the most hypocritical message on a car that was manufactured overseas. The "Best Bumper Sticker" prize is awarded to the car with the most absurd bumper sticker, regardless of the vehicle's fuel consumption. And the "Best Concept Car" is the most unique and unusual customized vehicle.

Submit Candidates for Future Shows

Have you spotted a hypocritical car in your town? Want to submit it for consideration in future installments of the Concourse of Hypocrisy? Take several pictures of the vehicle (from all sides if possible), including close-ups of the offending sticker, and send all photos as attached documents in an email to Please keep the total size of the combined attachments under 3mb (reduce the file size of the images if necessary). You will be credited if your submission is used. (All license plates in published photos will be blurred out.)


Original concept, all photos, research, text and layout, by zombie of zombietime.
Multi-browser HTML core provided by Axe of (Hat tips to Spiny Norman, DesertSage, gymnast and Catttt for help in identifying some of the vehicles.) And a final "Thank you" to all the hypocritical car owners of Berkeley, without whom the Concourse would not have been possible!