My latest report deconstructs the so-called “protest” outside Obama’s latest fundraiser:

Protesters greet Obama on S.F.’s Billionaires’ Row

(Cross-posted at PJMedia.)

A sampling, to whet your appetite:

It all culminated in this one sign, which of all the signs at the protest disturbed me the most. Yes, Obama really did say “Show me the movement. Make me do it.” (At least according to Michael Pollan, who quoted Obama while speaking at an environmental event in 2009.) In fact, a more extended quote from that speech might explain the motivation behind this entire protest:

Now, this agenda that I’m talking about, your own agenda, is not gonna happen just because we have a President and a First Lady who are sympathetic. That’s not how change comes. Change is much, much harder than that. Presidents cannot flip the switch and make things happen…. A friend of mine had occasion to have dinner with him and Michelle, and Obama made it clear that he got it, that he really did understand the issue, but he also said he didn’t think the time was right to push hard. He understood the forces arrayed on the other side and the great amount of political capital it would take to defeat them. … He challenged my friend, he said, “Show me the movement. Make me do it. Make me do it.”

…Now, that language, that language, “Make me do it,” is very interesting. Presidents have uttered that word – those words before. Roosevelt used them when he was being lobbied about certain issues. There’s a very interesting scene when Martin Luther King came to Lyndon Johnson and said, “We need this Voting Rights Act. You know, we need your help,” and Johnson turned to him and said, “I wanna do it. Make me do it.” He wasn’t just gonna do it. He needed to be made. He was telling Martin Luther King to get out in the street and make it happen.

Another example, President Clinton in 1993, he had a very difficult budget negotiation in Congress. He lost a lot. He moved way to the right and gave up a lot of his campaign promises to get this 1993, his first budget. And, at the signing of this budget, Bernie Sanders, the member of his caucus furthest to his left was there, and he came over to Bernie Sanders and he started pounding on his chest like this and he said, “Why weren’t you screaming at me? I needed you to be screaming at me, because then I could have brought you something.” So, as kindly as you feel towards Michelle and Barack, keep those lessons in mind.

Vilsack said something similar to a group of activists he met with just last month, “I need your help. Build a movement.” And he understands. Because the farm lobby is already organizing against him. So, we need to get organized. We need to flex our muscles. …

Now is not the time to savor the moment or rest. Now is the time to make Obama do it. Let’s show him the movement.

This explains how people who voted for Obama can be out in the street seemingly to protest “against” him. Turns out this whole protest was nothing more play-acting for the cameras, a group of faux protesters colluding with Obama to create a Potemkin “movement” which he can then cite as justification for making an unpopular decision he already wanted to make anyway. “I had no choice — there’s a mass movement against this pipeline! I must bow to the will of the people.”

The more I thought about this sign and its implications, the more disturbed I became. This explains not just today’s anti-Keystone pipeline protest, but also much of what has gone on in politics since 2008. It explains the media’s otherwise inexplicable glorification and attempted legitimization of the Occupy Wall Street movement; it explains the media’s desperate demonization of the Tea Party (so as to prevent the impression that it was a mass movement); it explains all sorts of outrages and protests and petitions and marches by the American far-left “against” a president whose agenda is identical to theirs. Every time the left erupted over some issue, I used to wonder, “Why are you complaining to Obama? He agrees with you!” Turns out that of course they all know full well that he agrees with them, that he and they are all on the same side. The purpose is not to change Obama’s mind, the purpose is to provide him with political cover to make bad or unpopular decisions, by fabricating hollow “popular uprisings” which he can then point to as indicative of overall public opinion.

My speculations were confirmed the following day when I read the only report of what was said inside the fundraisers, as quoted by the only “pool reporter” allowed into the events:

Steyer, who is a vociferous opponent of the Keystone XL oil pipeline and a strong supporter of climate-change legislation, appeared to try to ease concerns that Obama wouldn’t keep the issue at the top of his agenda, as he has promised.

He is doing everything he can on the issues that we care about,” Steyer told the group in his home. “He has political limitations…so we really have an obligation to help him.”

Obama for his part, addressed climate change repeatedly in his remarks, which lasted 19 minutes, but never specifically mentioned the pipeline.

So it was just as I suspected: The protesters and Obama and his billionaire backers are all enmeshed, working in conjunction to achieve specific political goals — goals that would otherwise be unpopular with the general public. I realized that we out on the street were not protesting against the president’s agenda: We were part of the president’s agenda.

14 Responses to “Protesters greet Obama on S.F.’s Billionaires’ Row”

  1. 1Doctor Jeff on Apr 8, 2013 at 11:31 am:

    Excellent post Zombie! Great to see the hypocritical San Francisco based liberal /progressives exposed like this and how this great “man of the people” works his politico machine!

  2. 2Scott on Apr 8, 2013 at 5:05 pm:

    What always gives me a reason to smile in these bogus protests is the number of hypocrites running about with their designer/in-fashion nylon or rayon clothes, their plastic laden accessories (lady with the i-phone for example) and signs or protest wear made of various plastics…all derived from….wait for it…OIL. Oil is what makes our economy run, so these idiots have food in their bellies because of the combine that harvested the wheat that was in their pita wrap they ate at the restaurant which got its supply of vegetables or lettuce or chicken or whatever from a big rig (with a refrigerator unit) that runs on diesel. And of course they all got to the protest in a car or truck that ran on gasoline OR in a bus or metro train that got its propulsion from some derivative of oil OR electricity that was (in part) generated from some carbon-based material, and so on. It is tiresome. I am weary of the people who claim to love the earth so much that they must carry out the latest protest du jour in order for them to bring joy into their otherwise miserable lives. They must be miserable, otherwise they’d have better things to do, like understand a modicum of what they profess to hate.

    Zombie, it is certain that your essay is accurate because any educated leftist would understand he or she is spitting into the wind by protesting this hypocritical nonsense. Their hero president is one of the largest abusers of our resources, yet every one of these idiots voted for him, Nancy Pelosi, or some other leftist who wants the very same thing Obama has. It is quite obviously a photo op put on by well-paid corporate protesters who simply desire power. Nothing more. Climate change? Global Warming? Climate Chaos? It’s all a smoke screen. If carbon is such an evil element, I recommend they all stop breathing so much out. Climate protestors, oil haters, and the rest are fake, phony, and absurd.Actions speak louder than words.

  3. 3fizziks on Apr 20, 2013 at 9:55 pm:

    One correction: The $7500 electric vehicle tax credit is not only available to “the kind of people who drive Teslas”. It is available to the purchaser of any electric vehicle, including the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. With the rebate, the price of a Volt, especially factoring several years of gas savings, brings it well into the budget range of middle class people.

    Also, you asked the question of what the protestor with the sign claiming that capitalism is in danger wants it to be replaced with. Assuming that person is a relatively mainstream progressive, then they don’t want capitalism to fail, they just think it is failing because of misaligned incentives and environmental externalities. They don’t want it to fail but they fear it is failing. It is the same way tea baggers don’t want America to fail but they think it is in the process of failing, because of too much debt or whatever. I think you are getting way to ideological and not applying enough thought to these observations.

  4. 4Scott on Apr 22, 2013 at 2:05 pm:

    OK, Fizziks, time for reality. Chevy Volt MSRP= $39,145 according to It is a reverse hybrid, so there is an internal combustion engine and a fuel tank that holds 9.3 gallons of fuel. According to Chevy, the car’s owners average 900 miles a month with one fill up. According to my calculations, the Volt costs $418.50 a year to fuel, or about $2,092.50 for 5 years. Assuming your tax credit works (and according to, it isn’t applicable), we’re looking at a 5 year cost of $33,737.50, excluding any maintenance, tires, or interest charges to finance. If I, as a true middle class person should know, bought a 2014 Mazda 6 sedan (for example), I’d pay $21,675 MSRP plus, at the same mileage as the average Volt owner racks up, I’d be spending $8,100 in fuel for the same period again, excluding tires, maintenance, etc. That is a total cost of $29,775. I dunno about you, but $5,000 is significant to me. I can do it cheaper still with a smaller car, but I picked the Mazda 6 because it is comparable.

    Now, regarding the tax credit; according to, after the vehicle manufacturer makes 200,000 hybrids and plug ins, your tax credit rapidly drops to 50%, then soon after to $0. Given that Chevy is a huge manufacturer of hybrids, including Tahoe, Silverado, and Malibu hybrids, I’ll guess that the Volt is no longer eligible for the $7500 credit. So now the real cost of that Volt is more like $41,237.50. That sounds like a luxury car to me. Oh, and usually these hybrids need new battery packs after 5 or 7 years, at a cost of THOUSANDS. The Chevy Volt is a status car for those who think they are environmentally savvy. I can provide my private transportation cheaper, thank you, with a gasoline only powered car.

    I can afford to pay $.55/a mile for my needs for 5 years; I cannot afford to pay nearly 50% more at $.76 a mile for a Volt.

  5. 5SCREW SOCIALISM on Apr 27, 2013 at 2:55 pm:

    From the River to the Sea,

    Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be!

  6. 6Scott on Apr 28, 2013 at 2:50 pm:

    By the way, Fizziks, there is an interesting article written by Paul Farrell, a former investment banker and member of the wealthy liberal elite in Marketwatch. He thinks communism is the way to go since we (the world, not just America) have too many billionaires and all. I mean, he’s probably only a millionaire. Poor Paul. He cites a political philosopher and Harvard Professor Michael Sandel, who says “The years leading up to the crisis of 2008 were a heady time of market faith and deregulation in an era of market triumphalism. The era began in the early 1980s, when Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher proclaimed their conviction that markets, not government, held the key to prosperity and freedom.” So government control is obviously the answer according to this millionaire who is citing a Harvard professor millionaire. Ironically, Mr. Sandel completely ignores the Community Reinvestment Act of 1979 signed under another communist (I’m sorry…that was harsh) Jimmy Carter, who forced the banks to lend money to people who had no business owning a home nor any particular intention to pay their loans back. After this activity became frenzied in the 2000s when housing became outrageous, other “activist” groups got involved and threatened litigation and boycotts against the banks unless they made bad loans to the “poor”. What could the banks do but dilute their risk for these loans (which they knew were bad) and bundle them with “good” loans and sell them on a secondary market as securities. Mr. Sandel doesn’t mention that. Interesting that a “relatively mainstream progressive” like Mr, Sandel who is teaching (indoctrinating) other “mainstream” progressives at Harvard (and selling them books, like any evil capitalist would) overlooks important factual information about the 2008 crisis. OF COURSE the progressive elite wants capitalism to fail! They want to be part of the ruling class in a totalitarian society!!! C’mon Fizziks, get with the program.

  7. 7w.w.wygart on May 7, 2013 at 5:20 am:

    [Why can't all weblogs have a halfway decent set of editing functions built in for commenters like this one. Nice!]

    Nice analysis on the Barak quote, Zombie:

    Show me the moment, make me do it.

    One look at the Blue Helmet Lady and one can see that maybe that statement can cut in two directions. Is she the one who is really looking to be shown the moment to act and expects Barak Obama to give the orders? She looks a bit zombie herself. Most people in movments look to their leaders for permission and marching orders [as well as social approval] that they would other wise not be able to supply for themselves. Another translation for this quote might be:

    Tell us what to do Obama. Tell us what to do.

  8. 8Don on May 11, 2013 at 12:45 pm:

    I have noticed with several occassions of environmental protests that the protesters are homely to very unattactive people. I have recently come to question the psychology of people as a clue to what makes them tick. I wonder if there is a correlation between a persons physical attributes and their politics.

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