This movie was taken at the June 5 protest in San Francisco. The clip is a QuickTime movie and is just over a minute and a half long. The file size is 10.5mb. In case you have a slow dial-up connection and can't download large files, I have placed a transcription of the speaker's words below the link.

Click to see and hear Richard Becker of International ANSWER talk about Israel supporters : (10.5mb)

[Referring to people who support Israel...] "They don't care any more about Jewish people than they do about Arab people, or Haitian people, or South African people, or the people that they send to kill and die from here -- they don't care about any of us. They support Israel because Israel plays a key role in the US empire. And in an area as important as the Middle East, all you have to do is look at Iraq to see that when the US Army is so tied down, sinking in this quagmire, in just one country, they need Israel to be their enforcer, their supplementary enforcer, in that region. Today is the 37th anniversary of the lightning-strike war in which Israel conquered the West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights and Sinai. We want to renew and restate today our solidarity with the Palestinian people: the heroic Palestinian people who are fighting colonial occupation against incredible odds. They have the right, they have the right to return to their homes and to their lands which have been stolen from them. I want to mention, too, that in preparation for June 5th the ADL -- they call it the Anti-Defamation League, but it's really an organization designed to defame anyone who speaks up for the Palestinian people -- organized a press conference, a press release and this demonstration over here [gesturing toward the Protest Warriors]. This is not an accident or one little incident. This is part of an offensive against the movement of solidarity with the Palestinians. But we will not be stopped, we have news for them."