These photos were taken at the demonstration outside the "Israel in the Ballpark" festival on Sunday, June 6th, at SBC Park (formerly PacBell Park) in San Francisco.

The event was meant to be a birthday celebration for the state of Israel. But the Israel-bashers were intent on spoiling the party.

The June 6th Movies page has many unforgettable videos of the scenes shown and described below.

The first order of business was to set up a terror gauntlet so that everyone arriving for the festival had to walk along a row of screaming hatemongers.

Since this was advertised as a "family event," many people brought their children, who were especially susceptible to the ambiance of fear the Israel-bashers intentionally created.

There were only two entrances to the festival, but the hatemongers made a gauntlet at both sides, so there was no way to avoid them.

The anti-Israel crowd occupied the entire front area of the stadium entranceway, waving Palestinian flags and chanting. The usual crowd of characters showed up:

Queers for Palestine were on hand as well.

These people have the worst case of Cognitive Dissonance Disorder I've ever seen.

I've noticed that more and more people are wearing German symbols and flags to these anti-Israel rallies. How subtle of them. (His button says "More Weed, Less War.")

But of all the creepy people there that day, none was creepier than this young woman who wore high heels and the headgear of the Saudi Arabian royal family. Could her outfit be a subversive message about the treatment of women under shari'a law?

Alas, no. She unveiled a sign and conclusively confirmed that something else entirely was going on inside her head. Perhaps she and the queers can take a stroll around Mecca to see what kind of reaction they'd get.

Security was extremely tight. It was definitely necessary.

The K9 Squad bomb-sniffer dogs searched for explosives in trash cans.

At one point the Israel-bashers let out a huge cheer as a plane they had hired flew over the stadium trailing a message. The banner said, "Israel -- 56 years of ethnic cleansing & apartheid."

It was time for some revolutionary street theater! First step was to set up the cardboard "Apartheid Wall."

The radical thespians then constructed a mock Abu Ghraib prison. One of them menaced the "prisoners" with machine guns made out of cardboard.

The script started to go haywire when the prisoners began yelling about Palestine; in this version of reality, Abu Ghraib is in Israel.

Then the theatrical Caterpillar operator knocked over some cardboard Palestinian houses, trapping the residents within. Strangely, the woman in the picture never got up, and appeared to fall asleep on the sidewalk after the play was over.

For a while, the props lay scattered about, including this abandoned machine gun.

Then the actors reassembled for a new drama! A guy with the words "Israeli Soldier" taped to his chest picked up the cardboard machine gun and began "attacking" a group of "oppressed Palestinians."

The Abu Ghraib guard also taped an "Israel Soldier" sign to her chest and joined the action.

This guy was the most enthustiastic actor of the day. He loves playing villains.

This is where it gets really bizarre. He was so enthusiastic that even after the play was over, he wouldn't put down his prop gun and he started waving it at the crowd.

He walked up and down the sidewalk pretending to shoot people and making "rat-a-tat-tat" sounds.

Since the crowd was being constantly refreshed by newcomers who had not seen and knew nothing about the original street threater, a good many of them had to look twice to make sure the gun wasn't real.

He was not above pointing it at passing children.

Then his fellow "soldier" picked up the other gun (and some other props) and started waving it around too.

She also "carelessly" pointed the gun at passing children.