iPhone Line San Francisco

June 29, 2007

A photo essay about the line of customers waiting for the iPhone outside the Apple store in San Francisco on the afternoon of June 29, 2007.

People were camped out on the sidewalk for days in anticipation of being among the first to get an iPhone.

The line began to take on a carnival atmosphere.

Random citizens were plucked from the crowd to become media stars.

The guy in the #2 spot was a popular interview subject. Whoever was first in line was camera shy and made himself sparse.

The were even TV shows dedicated to nothing but iPhone line coverage.

Why not? He couldn't be worse than the current crop of candidates.

With hours still to go, the anticipation was becoming unbearable.

Someone serenaded his fellow iPhoniacs with a portable keyboard. The guy on the left in a suit was some well-known technology pundit whose name eludes me at the moment.

The world of tomorrow was interrupted by the world of yesterday when a scavenger lady arrived to gather bottles from those in line.

She was curious as to what the hubbub was all about.

This character entertained passersby with his clownish antics.

He and his shoestring circus troop had set up a mini-mini golf course and peep show.

It was all part of a scheme to advertise their spots in line, which were up for sale. I don't know if they ever got any buyers.

The line wound all the way around the block.

Minutes before the grand unveiling, some customers were still sound asleep.

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