These photos of "art cars" were taken at the "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Parade in Berkeley on Sunday, September 8, 2004.

No politics. No sarcasm. Just a simple photo collection of the unusual "art cars" on display at the "How Berkeley Can You Be?" Parade, for those who are interested.

The car called "Oh My God!", owned by Berkeley resident and filmmaker Harrod Blank, creator of the art car documentary Wild Wheels.

More fun with Volkswagens. Wouldn't want to get in a wreck with this one!

Some of the owners of so-called "art cars" were quite lazy, and merely glued a box-load of plastic toys to the hood and roof. There were several entries almost exactly like this one.

While other cars really were works of art: check out the incredibly detailed domino-and-button mosaics on this one.

The most intimidating entry in the parade was this amazing two-story-high tricycle. It drew applause wherever it went.

But the overall crowd favorite was this astounding '50s-style rocket car.

The cutest entries were these mobile cupcakes, which raced around the tricycle.

Like a carnival ride run amok.

From the self-consciously exotic... the blatantly industrial, such as this black bat with flaming ears.

Cleaning up any stragglers was this Great White Shark-mobile.

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