Friendship Fries

The new name for French Fries

May 6, 2007

Remember "Freedom Fries"?

When France refused to participate in the war against Saddam Hussein in 2003, many Americans were angry with the French, and showed their displeasure by renaming French Fries as "Freedom Fries."

But now with the May 6 election of new French President Nicolas Sarkozy, a leader who is strongly pro-American, the French have once again shown that they are America's allies, and have reached out their hands to us in friendship.

In that spirit, I recommend that everyone who ever referred to their French Fries as "Freedom Fries" now change the name once again, this time to a more appropriate moniker that shows our appreciation for our long-standing frères the French. Henceforth, I suggest that French Fries be renamed...

Friendship Fries

Everyone: Please send us any photos of your Friendship Fries to, and we will publish them here!


Submitted by "Joyce."

"This one's appropriate because the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France."
(Submitted by "Dave J.")

Submitted by "Stuck-in-CA."

Mainstream political cartoonist Scott Santis used the Friendship Fries concept for this panel published on May 7.
(Hat tip: Damian G.)

Submitted by "Macker."

"Here's my little one gripping some Friendship Fries!"

(Submitted by "AJ.")

Submitted by "Baglady."

Suggested alternate names submitted by readers:

Sarkozy Sticks
(Hat tip: observer)

Firehose Fries
(Hat tip: Goalie)

'kozy chips
(Hat tip: jdroll)

Friendship Fries are catching on!

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