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This page features a selection of responses emailed by visitors to The Red Cross Ambulance Incident page regarding rebuttals and challenges to the exposé.
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From: zainab b.

You guys are just determined to believe that israel is just perfect and doesnt do anything wrong. How can someone fake a war? Are you really ready to belive that lebenan just made it all up && tried to get the world to feel sorry for them. You guys say that the photo are all photoshopped or somthing? I really belive that these heartless people just photo shop it themselves to make lebenan look bad! && please you say a missle hit that ambulance & it shouldve blown up the whole ambulance but i remember when america was attaking afghanistan for osama bin laden & they blew up the cave && EVERYTHING was destroyed except for a tape saying that osama did 9/11 . Wow tell me that is real? Israel commited so many crimes in this war , killing innocent children, women and juss innocent civilians. They killed about 900 children & just normal civilians & about 100 hizbollah soldiers. How is there not something wrong with that? I m pretty sure yall are determined to belive that it was a "movie" or something. But yall are pretty crazy if you do & stubborn.

From: vz

I would like to add to the Exaggerated Bullet theory: one thing that strikes me is the fact that the bullet holes that we see in the corners of the roof seem like they were created by bullets going straight down, fire perpendicular to the ground. Helicopters don't fly right above a target and then open fire, because they can't.

Also, if we analyze in further detail the armament of helicopters, the Apache uses a 30mm gun with (most likely) high explosive ammunition.

There is a video here of explosive rounds shooting a stationary M113, which definitely has more armor than a VW ambulance.

From: Brian J.

Regarding your strafing theory, it is possible that it was a helicopter miles away, hovering, in stealth mode, that carried out the strafing incident, that would negate the sound factor. However, I agree with you...the story is one complete fabrication.

The most interesting explanation that I found was the missiles using no explosive warheads. The Hellfire missile when launched in LOAL mode (Lock-On After Launch), is launched when the helicopter hunkers behind, for instance, a hilltop. Then launches the missile skyward without locking on the target. Only afterwards, the helo will maneuver to lock on position, lock the target, and the hellfire missile will guide itself to attack the target from its overhead positon, possible causing an impact that seemingly is from straight above.

LOAL Chart

Now, I should note that even if not in LOAL mode, the missile takes a very lofty approach to the target. In 'normal' mode where the gunner locks before shooting, the missile climbs to about 1700 feet above the chopper when launched at maximum range, with a rather steep descent.

However this explanation is flawed, and I thought you expose them well: (1) When you see a "car swarm" photo, the wreckage never seems to be the result of a strike with a sans-warhead missile -- have you ever seen such a picture from before the Lebanon conflict? And then we see two instances (the junker car on the side of the road, and the ambulance), where are the pictures to back up that Israel regularly uses dummy missiles? (2) The claim is that "Israel regularly uses missiles without warheads to cause less collateral damage". Rings false for the exact reason you bring up: if they are intentionally killing ambulances, why are they worried about collateral? But what if they targetted the ambulance accidentally? There could be no claim of war crimes, instead Israel would issue an apology for hitting the red-cross vehicle and move on. But the opposition wants it both ways, they want Israel to seem like they deliberately attack red-cross ambulances, again this does not hold up the theory of not causing collateral injury. (3) The hellfire missile weighs around 100 pounds, is 5.3 feet long, and has a maximum velocity of 950 MPH. I just can't imagine something possessing that amount of kinetic energy causing such minimal damage.

And lastly, I'd like to find a source for the claim that israel uses munitions in this way, and under what circumstances, or if it's just an urban legend or semi-truth.

-- P. Marten