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From: David R.

Does this affect Red Cross protected status under international law?

This question may be beyond the scope of your article, but I'm wondering about it. Presumably to be protected from attack under international law, you must have some official verifiable integrity. I assume that random people can't just slap Red Cross insignias on their cars and claim they're doing relief work. It appears that this story involves fraud on the part of official Red Cross associates. How high up the food chain does this go? That is, did higher-level Red Cross officials make these allegations, or was it just a couple of low-level grunts? Are there any consequences, either to the individuals or to the Red Cross organization itself? I assume that if there are enough of these shenanigans, the local Red Cross facilities could be stripped of their protected status and would then be just another discretionary target. Does this incident constitute a serious violation of the Red Cross neutrality, or is it considered a trivial transgression? If nothing else, I would expect the Red Cross would have to do some serious housecleaning, and to make a public statement about how they will prevent this from happening again.

From: P.K. (France)

If I'm trying to explain to French gentiles that Arab propaganda is very efficacious and explicit, I'm always thwarted, because allegated proofs are published and trying to demonstrate the contrary, afterwards, is not accepted by people induced in hate.

The first pictures are considered as true, the proofs of the contrary are considered as lie.

It would be better that the Israeli invent the most crazy and horrible TV shows because opinion is also won by visual intoxication.

Psychological war is more important today against islamofaschists and their supporters than lethal honesty.

It was also the efficacious means of Hitler, Goebbels, Julius Streicher and so on...

"Qui veut la fin, veut les moyens"

Anti-semitic/anti-israelian hate is made by pictures, not by the arms...

One thing that seems to be missing from all the broohaha over whether or not Israel targets ambulances are the FACTS that on NUMEROUS occasions Arabs/Muslims HAVE INDEED used ambulances to support terrorism, either by using them to transport weapons, explosives, or terrorists, or as getaway vehicles for terrorists...

Notice both the Red Crescent ambulance, and the UN flagged ambulance!

Apprehension of ambulance harboring a wanted terrorist and weapons at a checkpoint near Ramallah.

Of course, our favorite Pallywood productions often include ambulances!

...etc etc etc. Spend a few minutes Googling and find others -- the ambulance with pregnant woman/children on a gurney, with explosives under the bed, etc.

-- Doda M.