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There are a few very important lessons here.

First, terrorists are media savvy and recognize that the world media can easily be duped because the news cycle is so short and so competitive.

Second, the editors of the major newspapers and journals are not doing their job -- somebody has to use a critical eye when it comes to photographs and other items from a terrorist war zone.

Third, internet experts are exposing fraud after fraud -- and the MSM is unable to deal with either the fraud or the experts. It would best to admit a mistake, and try to find ways of preventing further mistakes.

Unfortunately, the MSM is populated by a bunch of arrogant and all too often emotional journalists who aren't competent enough to be suspicious.

-- Bob W.

From: N.G.

What disturbs me most is that even after so many incidents of proven lies (eg. Jenin, picnic on the beach, etc.) the Western press continues to swallow them without the least bit of skepticism, while every statement of defense or explanation offered by Israel (if it's even reported) seems to be met with doubt, cynicism and often ridicule. There is only one explanation for such a state of affairs. There is an underlying animosity in the press aimed at Israel that is not explainable in any rational terms. I have never seen nor can I imagine such treatment being aimed at any other country in similar circumstances, only at Israel. This prejudice has a name we all know. It's called anti-Semitism.

What a great effort!

The MSM should hang its collective head in shame.

-- Colin N., Canada

From: Kevin B.

In the video you provide from ITV News, one of the "Red Cross Workers" appears to be the same man that is seen in many other video and photo "opportunities" that the MSM love to ram down our throats. He is visible in the first 13 seconds of the video, with his face being very clearly visible at around 12 seconds. The video of him is even clearer around 3:36 into the video. It appears to be the same man that is commonly referred to as "The Green Helmet Guy" on other blogs and websites.

I'm not sure if you have checked whether this is him or not but it looks like the man who is implicated in other "staging" incidents known as "Green Helmet" appears to be present in the video report on this ambulance attack. It appears as though he was dressed as a red cross worker. Please see this site.

It may not be him but it looks awfully like him, glasses and all and it fits his pattern of staging.

If it is him I think it adds circumstantial evidence to this whold incident being a stage managed affair.

-- Bobby T.

From: Craig G.

Watch the July 24th ITV video again. Freeze 10 or 11 seconds in. The "ambulance attendant" inexplicably holding the throat of the walking "victim" looks *awfully* familiar, doesn't he? Is that Green Helmet Guy?

From: R.B.

Keep up the excellent work. I sincerely believe that this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of MSM realizing how much the Palestinians and other ME groups stage demonstrably false "events." Which is a big story itself.

All good investigative reporters welcome new blood to the ranks. There is an appetite for good reporting, the public just needs to be served it.

The implications are enormous. We have long suspected the media of having NO credibility. Finally it's confirmed. Most analysts would probably agree that Israel was pressured into cease fire due to this type of media mis-information. As a result we were duped again by a press corps that supports anyone other than the USA or Israel, leaving Hezbollah to carry out its terrorist plots unencumbered by the watchful eye of the west. This has been an elaborate hoax. With the sole propose to aid and abet the terrorist organization "Hezbollah."

For the American media to publish this trash without any substantiation or investigation proves once again that the news media is so caught up with their own agenda to discredit our elected leadership they will publish any thing negative regardless of its sources.

Capt. E. A.

From: Noga M.

A story has been told about a person who used to call for help every time he jumped into the swimming pool; when neighbors came to help he would laugh and say I was just kidding. One time he called for help and no one came, only that time he really needed help. What do we learn from the story? Basically, that one should not exhaust the moral code by which all humanity acts.

In applying this understanding to the Moslem terrorists, wherever they are, we need to learn by now that intentionally they lied to the whole world; a pack of transparent lies, all premeditated with one purpose in mind, to make a fool of us all, to deceive us, so that the focus, like in the story, will be on them. All the media went crazy to help them, driven by the moral code that we are all tuned to, only to learn, once again, that it was a false call, just like the story. I wonder how many more times it will take for the media to stop responding to every call. It is possible that that will be the day the terrorists will need them the most.

In the same token, the media is eager to gain ratings, thus anything that will give it a boost is welcomed, like the ambulance case; things such as: fair reporting, honesty, truth, reliability, morality, responsibility, and unbiased intentions, have become negligible. In the name of the ratings, all ethics annulled.

Today, the media has completely lost its integrity in the eyes of all intelligent people. The media is dangerous because it is controlled by unqualified personnel, whose job description is unclear, and because these personnel are willing to be manipulated by a group of terrorists who can make them swallow just about anything. The combination is dynamite.

I ponder, what happens to the reporters each time the truth is being revealed? Do they feel duped?