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This page features a selection of responses emailed by visitors to The Red Cross Ambulance Incident page regarding fire damage to the ambulance.
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Don't most ambulances carry oxygen--even in Lebanon? Wouldn't the tanks have exploded? None of the "injured passengers" seem to be suffering the burns they, obviously, would have sustained in such an explosion and subsequent fire. The absence, within the ambulance, of interior burning is stunning. Certainly, if the missile itself did not create a fire, the exploding oxygen would have.

-- Kay P.

From: Scotterz

I fully agree with you that of course the ambulance was a complete hoax, and not a very good one at that, so poorly planned and executed that the perpetrators were completely unprepared to deal with the possibility that it would actually succeed. I just have a couple of things to say about a few of your arguments.

The condition of the headliner in the vehicle is consistent with being out in the rain resulting in water coming in through the holes in the roof and causing it to sag down and come apart over time. Notice that the headliner over the front of the vehicle (where there are no holes in the roof) is still in relatively good shape. The roof of the ambulance being all caved in must be a much more recent, most likely by somebody getting on the roof and jumping up and down. If it had happened at the same time that the holes were punched in the roof, there would be evidence of water pooling on the roof in the low spots, and there is not.

So the ambulance was damaged, perhaps by a vandal using an axe a long time ago, then the roof vent was removed and the roof caved in and additional damage only a short time ago.

Finally, I don't think the Hezbollah was involved in the hoax at all. If they had wanted to stage a missile strike on an ambulance they would have done it with a real missile.

From: Judy W.

(1) I have no expert knowledge about explosive missiles used in warfare, indeed, I have only seen pictures on tv and in movies. I have seen some burned out autos. However, the ambulance pictures do not look at all like burned out vehicles or like ones hit with an explosive missile. If I can see this, any journalist can, including those that cover traffic accidents.

Conclusion: the mass media are so biased against Israel, that they will report any absurdity.

(2) The Red Cross is complicit in this fraud. They have until very recently not allowed the Israeli Red Magen Dovid to be a member of the International Red Cross, and their concession was not one at all - they will not allow a red magen dovid as the symbol, but only a crystal. The International Red Cross is antisemitic and anti-Israel.