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This page features a selection of responses emailed by visitors to The Red Cross Ambulance Incident page regarding the hole in the center of the red cross on the ambulance.
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From: Philip and Gail S.

This photo of the ambulance shows, on the left side, the interior liner of the ceiling -- in the location of the "missile strike," hanging down. It is semicircular with a zigzag edge. That type of edge is used to affix a fabric or liner to the edge of a hole.

This is just another piece of evidence that the hole in the roof was pre-existing.

In the photo of the ambulance driver gesturing and pointing into the ambulance, please note the upholstery of the ceiling fabric hanging down to the left of the ceiling hole. You can see the very specific cut out in the upholstery with the finished tucks (zig zag cuts) for the vent hole. This is a true indication that the upholstery was finished and designed with a hole in the roof.

-- David W.

I wanted to add another point regarding the diameter of the hole in the roof of the ambulance. Most air to ground missiles have a diameter in the neighborhood of 6 inches. Had a hole the size we observe in the ambulance been made by a munition, it would have been on the order of a 500 lb bomb which would have reduced the ambulance to atoms.

-- Keith J.