This is an automated translation of a report by Matthias Küntzel about anti-Semitic material displayed at the Iranian pavilion of the 2005 Frankfurt Book Fair.

The original report was in German, and was translated into something vaguely resembling English by the free Web-based translation service Free Translation.)



Matthias Küntzel - the “Protokolle of the manners of Zion” on that Frankfurt book fair

Actually the international publishing houses in hall of 5 that did not stand Frankfurt book fair on my plan. Yet I had before departure of my train yet some minutes time, visited the hall and was surprised, in which measurement the Irans here represented is. The states out of the Iran seem to take in far more hall place, than all countries represented here of the Arab League together.

Now is confessed to be sure that the country leadership of the Iran wants to extinguish the existence of a member country of the United Nations, Israel. And it is confessed that Teheran exports to this purpose a kruden antisemitism into all world.

Yet surprised me how openly this happens also on the book fair. I my not that of literature iranian several hundreds shelf meter that are issued in hall 5. I speak presents of pamphlet, that of the Irans here in English – not in order to present the literature of the characteristic country, but rather in order to spread the antisemitism of European and US-American origin.

Because is offered under the heading „Jewish Conspiracy“ the text, that influenced Hitler antisemitism as well as no other work: that „protocols of the manners of Zion“, this time published of that „Islamic propaganda Organization“ that „Islamic Republic of Iran“.

The first sides of this pamphlet outline in form of a snake formed out of triangles the zone, that is introduced here as „Map of, Greater Israel',“ : large parts by Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, part of Turkey as well as the north half saudi-Arabiens. Each single triangle, it is named in the explanation, would symbolize that „Freemasony Eye“, the eye of the free masons, an alleged „symbol of Jewry“.

On the next sides explains that „internationally relations department“ the Iran the purpose of the publication to us: one wanted openly put „the actual countenance of the satanic enemy“ around „the moslem wachzurütteln“. The Zionismus would be would be „a deadly cancer tumor“to destroy that completely. Under recourse on a quotation of Khomeini, the killing of the Israelis is propagated.

It follows a grouping of quotations as well as the following: „the United Nations the Zionismus are. It is is the super-government, that multiply in that, protocols of the manners of Zion' mentioned“. After a proclamation to that „Djihad against this threat“, follows the wording of the antisemitischen treatise.

Also the second notorious classic of the antisemitism: Henry Fords „The internationally Jew. The world it form east problem“ is presented in hall of 5 the book fair „in the name of Allahm (sic) the Beneficent, the Merciful“ in 200-page abridged version and is sold. Publisher is that „Departement of Translation and Publication, Islamic Culture and relations Organization“ that “Islamic Republic of Iran”. In its preliminary remark, the publisher writes that „the power of the Jewish parasitical influence [since the time of Henry Ford] increased always. Not only a nation threatens the Jewish danger – today Zionismus named –, but rather arranges subsequently follows itself against the total humanity.“ Henry Fords Machwerk of 1921 in a version, that for the first time 1970 in Pakistan was spread by that „world Moslem Congress,“. The numerous footnotes, that were added of iranian side to the text, are interesting: because for example the speech of that is „power expansion“ the Jews during the second world war (S. 39) and the German „resistance“ against that „Jewish inspection“ (S. 52). Saldam Rushdie is presented as an example for the malignancy of Jewish slanders (S. 77) and we remember us: the iranian head of state Khomeini called 1989 the Moslem in all world in addition up to kill the Indian author because he had insulted in its book „the satanic verses“ the islam. For its death, a head money was stopped of 3 million U.S.S DOLLARS. This Fatwa formally was turned back first 1998 of the regime; islamic fundamentalists hold not publicly appear can it however further for binding why Rushdie until today.

A third antisemitisches Machwerk fell me in my quick tour through hall 5 already based on its harsh title into the eye: a red david star over a grey dead head and a yellow card of the world. It carries the title „valleys of the, Chosen People and the putting of, Historical Right'“ and is composed of Mohammad Taqi Taqipour. Publisher is renewed the iranian country. In its preface, the author gives himself victory certain: Israel would have disappeared in view of that „global islamic movement“ soon already of the country card.

Should actually of these pamphlets, that already the fleeting visitor of the fair into the eye fall, noted have no one otherwise something? What is wave for example with the colleagues of the German and the Foreign Office, that also in hall 5 - only a few steps of the iranian issuers removed – present itself? The German wave recommends on the fair as „bridge to the islamic world“ and also the Foreign Office distributes itself here its „Dialogue with the Islamic world“-pamphlet in which it is named: „Peace-building, too, may require dialogue with extremist.“

Was that Nazi notebook spoken however antisemitism with the iranian issuers over the presentation or were shut (again once) both eyes? What does the director of the book fair, Jürgen Boos say, to which fact that an issuer of this fair with English language propaganda to the end cancellations Israels calls? Which conclusion become Mr. Boos and the German public with regard to a participation of the Iran at the book fair 2006 pull?


Characteristic comments:

One did not know, what is played, one also ironically could notice in that the Iranians of simply somewhat also the book fair wanted to present, what felled the German.

On which social, religious, political plain also always. The characterization of the enemy of the Jew and the Jewish serves the purpose to have someone, that at developments and would accrue, do not please that one, guilt is, this pushes. It concerns at the same time not only Israel, but rather around the modern world, around the market economy, around individual freedom, around democracy. In all areas, an islamic against design that Islamists propagate exists. The modern economy order of the market economy leads automatically in addition that those companies are successful, that desirably hold individual freedom, characteristic responsibility and characteristic initiative for fewer, also less. Market economy without individual freedom is not conceivable. Also the equal participation of women at the economic life leads to more success, circumstances permitting on costs more traditional more informal ideal. In western countries, the named ideas are not transferred perfectly, but in the islamic republic Iran and many Arabic countries the ideas are transferred not at all, but rather always yet traditional presentations rule before. In order to provide for that that islamic companies are future suitable, it is indispensable to initiate reforms, that strengthen the rights and freedoms of the single, also the rights and freedoms of the women. Against this adaptation, there is resistance. Islamists do not want to become, that its companies freer, also the market economy or components, about the interest system, displease them.

Islamist views to the economy events are spread for example here.

That ideally collectively is seen in one, not in an individualist company. Whether one takes compulsion marriage or injured families honor takes, whether one the jihad, the cornerstones of the islam as domination and social order are based always on the presentation that the single has to subordinate or to sacrifice itself to the partnership, patriarchal structures control the picture, personality, egoism becomes as threatening and badly understood is not desired, the limit of the single of the many. A woman, who would like to live even determination and for example also unverschleiert, is for Islamists already something akin to a prostitute.

That so can be observed of the little (the family) until highly to the large (the country). To be sure the islamic republic Iran is as a Theokratie unlike many an Arabic dictatorship monarchy, but in no country of the region, religion simply only private thing is not and somehow in the right system anchors. Islamists wish for that all islamic countries become more islamic, to the origins of the islam return and shake off as an unislamisch designated rulers. At the same time counts consistently: if an appearance is negative, an unislamischer influence is on that guilt, is it positive, is it islamic. The mistake does not lie therein to allow too little individual freedom, to subject the single to strongly that collectively, but rather the mistake lies for Islamists always therein that Moslems come off of the true islam and are at variance.

In order to overcome now the Umma, the partnership of all Moslems, to one and the subdivision into different countries, the membership becomes in the islam that of all paramount and all connecting factors. There this islamist ideal presentation, yes utopia in the reality does not exist, Moslems belief directions different (v. a. Belong to Sunniten and Shiites) and thoroughly fight and even fight is itself (in Iraq, in Pakistan, in Algerien…) because all Moslems do not enter for the erection of a theocracy, in which past received partially sooner European ideas of the nationalism and socialism and are differently strongly religious until today, the assembly of a characterization of the enemy, an external enemy very usefully.

Whether the world power of USA, that counts yes in many circles in the west also as the representative of the capitalism at itself, and one would bring that only to case, would be also the capitalism away, whether Israel as a Jewish country. Is led back all to the Jews. The Jews are seen are even as a Strippenzieher in the UN ( „the United Nations the Zionismus. It is is the super-government, that multiply in that, protocols of the manners of Zion' mentioned“). Decisively is not at all how the world order is functioned today and how it emerged, for Islamists is only important that it is not islamic. Each current problem is led back in the next step on that that the world order is not islamic. And the authors of the condition who push the Unislamische are identified in the Jew as a characterization of the enemy. It concerns having to step in reality however not only the Jews and the Jews in addition not even in appearance, express itself not at all, act not at all. You are characterization of the enemy because it is useful.

If it succeeds the Islamist to prepare everyone or at least most Moslem on a joint enemy, the otherwise unrealistic unit more closely is moved a large step and is enabled the fight of the free and democratic ideas that stands actually on the agenda, over the realization of the goal of an islamic domination. That is first once there, it goes also the deviant in the characteristic rows at the collar.

It exists naturally always a more certainly reference to the reality, in each propaganda. Most Jews manage well with the modern life, they do not defend itself with hands and feet against the modern and want the Middle Ages zurückhaben. Company secularized is put through one now once the opposite one of religion in all areas and durchorganisierten company. Success, wealth and power that that lives after religious specification does not receive in the modern western company unconditionally, the Religiösität even disadvantageously can effect itself. In the scarf of the Moslem begun. With the idea of individual freedom, the realization of the individual good fortune and one of other certain collective good fortune traditional companies have not so its problems. For it, that of the destruction of its culture comes same. And if we look as German at the iranian propaganda, we look at our characteristic story. In the Third Reich, the Jews were very just as scapegoat for all developments and conditions, that were perceived as negative. They were very just as useful in order to realize the German collectively, the unit of all German in that one demonized himself over the joint characterization of the enemy defined and free ideas and rights of the single and as a treason observed.

The antisemitism serves today many Islamist as well as at that time the German as a pictures limb, when glue that collectively holds together that. In the enmity to Israel and also to the USA, Moslems meet out of the Iran with Moslems out of Palestine, out of Morocco, out of Egypt, out of Arabia saudi. Although they differently are and although the countries of differences show, in the joint characterization of the enemy they can become itself united. Through it the differences move into the background and the commonalities into the foreground. The objective of the islamic domination is not then again logical and kosequent, delusion custody utopian. If radical Moslems have the saying, all is removed from the company, what counts as an unislamisch.

Instead of admitting itself therefore at undoubtedly Unislamisches in the world order on more economically and for that of necessity on more individually plain and to adapt itself and to transfer therewith the human rights so like it also the UN actually plans, is set with Islamists in the Iran and elsewhere on that to change the world order. In reality, the separation line between the person passes, that correctly find and support the modern life of the reason idea here, and the person, that back want to nationalism, racism, dictatorship, bondage, collectivism, tribe right, Patriarchat. The more problematically the western company model and economic system appears to a person in the west, the more understanding he will raise for Islamists, who want to bring it to case.

For the Jews, that means to be threatened with annihilation, very concretely. It means, Israel is threatened of the Iran, openly and unmistakable. It is hallucinated is none victim roll that there many Israels reproach, but rather Israel Islamists a thorn in the eye. Where in the world they are also. Israel never attacked the Irans, occupied never country. The deeds do not count, but rather it counts the ideological.

Because the separation line passes actually middle through the islamic companies, what is to be seen very clearly in Iraq, where the one enter for a future in freedom and democracy and other for the opposite, would have to fight herself Moslems in order to clear how the future of the islamic countries should look. The characterization of the enemy Jew does not offer in each area a “Lösung” in order to show that freedom and democracy are angry and of the enemy wanted, but islamic. Therefrom all traditional elite rather more not profit then and tyrants, whether especially islamic or. The ideological henchman of these strivings, the terrorist is is the hate preacher the warrior, the weapon.

Many Moslems live distinguished with contradictions, with between persons of different Glaubens, different cultures and also with distinguished between persons of the same Glaubens. Islamists want a contradiction free world. Your extension leads undoubtedly to an Endkampf, yes from its viewpoint to a God judgment. Either the islam wins and controls the world or it goes under. Either the Moslems are right or not. Black or knows. The dispute around the future and how it look should, finds just as within the western world place. That so-called. Battle the cultures is taken in the reason a battle between the opponents and the advocates free companies. And there each strange is by far an opponent and each compatriot a friend.

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