Folsom Street Fair 2007

San Francisco, September 30, 2007

Part 2

This is Part 2 of the zombietime Folsom Street Fair 2007 report, and is entirely G-rated, unlike Part 1 which contained all the explicit and controversial images.

None of the pictures on this page are intended to be newsworthy or shocking; they're simply a series of entertaining images from the fair.

Why is it that there seems to be more of a taboo against butt-cracks than there is against fully naked butts?

I had not realized before attending this year's Folsom Street Fair how extensive the canine fetish movement was. It's become so specific that now you can choose your own breed. This guy had a whiff of Doberman Pinscher about him...

...whereas this guy was more of an English Mastiff.

There were a great number of "ponyplay" enthusiasts at the fair, dressing up (and most importantly acting) like horses as they were led around by their "trainers."

This palomino really had been trained well, as she lifted her legs exactly like a horse when she cantered along.

She was also quite adept at neighing and whinnying.

This was one of several "furries" I saw at the fair. Furries are...well, perhaps this Vanity Fair article about furries explains it better than I ever could. The Folsom Street Fair furries seemed more hyper-sexualized than your average furry, and were usually in an "owner/pet" relationship with a dominant partner. This dog furry, if you look closely, has a penis hole at the appropriate place in his costume, which points slightly upward and covers the lower part of the shaft with fur, so that he can do it "doggy style" with real authenticity.

Here he is again, this time wearing a negligee, while his owner wears a devil-dog gas mask. I made a video of this furry as he "skritched" passersby. You can watch it here.

This man, completely encased in a leather all-body bondage suit, just stood there, doing nothing. Maybe that's all he could do.

For a slave, this guy's not looking very oppressed.

Now this is a proper master/slave relationship. Except for the pink leash.

I'm not sure why he stuck his tongue out at me. Maybe he was testing the air temperature?

Along with leathermen, slaves, animals and furries, the most common fetish costume was "policeman," in various incarnations. Here we have "cruel redneck motorcyle cop"...

...Germanic K-9 Unit police dog handler...

...Midwestern highway patrolman...

...and sadistic prison guard.

Some people were on the other side of the law, such as this naked Wild West stagecoach bandit.

At one point I heard cheers and hollers from the crowd. I went over to see what the hubbub was about. A troop of military recruits was marching in formation, headed up by these guys carrying patriotic flags.

Of course they weren't real soldiers -- I think they were actors advertising a military-themed sex-fantasy porn film called "Grunts," though I never did find out for sure.

Some of the fetish fantasies were more creative and individualized. There were: Blue-lipped medieval trannie nun-warrior and Nubian gladiator...

...yellow-toothed French maid...

...curvaceous Mexican wrestlers...

...barbarian Gene Simmons (from the band KISS)...

...big-bosomed trampy campy bearded housewife Trixie...

...Edwardian picnic...

...and...uh...well, these folks pretty much left me speechless...

...let's just call them the Misshapen Pink Android Space Family...

...Native American totem animal semi-furry and femme leather cowboy... platypus Dark Knight...

...and devil man.

Pig-Slave was introduced to Afro-Batman and Mr. Chainmail Codpiece.

Pig-Slave moved in for a simulated porcine blowjob.

Pig-Slave rooted around in Afro-Batman's crotch.

Then he moved on to service Mr. Chainmail Codpiece.

A good time was had by all.

The "leatherman" look is primarily derived from the drawing style of famed gay erotic artist Tom of Finland. "Tom's Men" refers to the prototypical Tom of Finland persona, to which this guy aspires.

The seniors in particular go for the Tom of Finland look.

Nothing like a big, phallic cigar to complete your ensemble.

"Naked blacksmith" was another popular fetish theme.

This quartet of porn actors posed for fans.

Behold the dangers of taking too many steroids.

This souvenir snapshot booth enabled "vanilla" fair-goers to take pictures of themselves in leather gear.

A platonic hug? Is that even allowed at the Folsom Street Fair?

Someone snapped this rare photo of me eating a phallic corn cob. Hello!
(Not really. I'm the guy on the left.)

This gay H.P Lovecraft fan had my favorite t-shirt of the day.

Christianity wasn't the only religion to come under fire at the fair: the bizarre Namaste Motherfucker booth mocked Hinduism.

Now here's a fetish costume I'd like to see at next year's Folsom Street Fair: dominant hook-handed pirate captain. C'mon, people!

This gal's got two friends -- a Black Labrador Retriever, and Anubis the Egyptian jackal god.

The laziest fetishist at the fair. Put on a gas mask -- ready to go!

Some prototypical "bears" including a guy with demon-eye contact lenses.

The Steamworks booth staged an erotic Twister game for the crowd, but it ended up being pretty tame compared to what was going on elsewhere. The most outrageous it got was the simulated humping seen here.

A fan of Satan, one supposes.

For some reason, this was my favorite "couple" of the day. Yes, there were some women there.

Or people one could only assume were women. Either these were the world's best transvestites, or some very nicely-turned-out ladies.

Of course, not every woman was as well proportioned.

And if you didn't have a real woman to bring as your date, you could always drag along a passable substitute!

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